These instructions will go over Youtube Studio's captioning feature with a Syracuse University user's G-Suite account. Youtube Studio generates captions automatically for uploaded videos, but users can also upload their own transcripts to create captions. Both of these methods can be further edited and downloaded in Youtube. Please note that Youtube uses machine algorithms for automatic captioning, which can affect the overall quality 

Captioning Guidelines

When captioning videos please consult the  Guidelines for Captioning page. This page guides users on the proper way to type captions. Included are guidelines for spelling, capitalizations, grammar, music/sound effects, and other special considerations.

G-Suite Access

If you are looking to login into your Syracuse University Google account, navigate to the Google sign in page and use as your username. Additional help can be found on the Logging into G Suite page in Answers.

Youtube Studio

Users will access video editing tools from Youtube Studio within the Youtube site. There is no longer access to Youtube Creator Studio Classic. More information on this platform change can be found on Youtube's support site

Logging in to Youtube and Uploading Videos

  1. Navigate to
  2. Type in your SUNETID followed by
  3. You will be redirected to Syracuse University's Login Service
  4.  After logging in, select the google apps icon and select youtube
  5. If new footage is being uploaded, select the "Create" icon in the upper right corner of the site
    1. If you are returning, select your user icon and select "Youtube Studio"
    2. Alternatively, you can also enter in your browsers address bar 
  6. Select "Upload Video" and drag/drop or locate the video you would like to upload
    *videos must be uploaded one at a time
    Screen shot of the Create button and the Upload Drive button in the drop down menu found on the top right portion of the Youtube Website.
  7. Once your video is selected for upload, fill out the video details in the next prompt
    1. Edit the title as desired
    2. Select your intended audience
    3. Select the videos visibility (Public/Private) 
    4. Select save, as the video is processed

Adding Captions to Youtube Videos

Automatic Subtitles

  1. In Youtube Studio, select the Subtitle button on the left menu panel
    Screen shot of the left menu panel found on the Youtube Studio Website. There are options for Dashboard, Videos, Playlists, Analytics, Comments, and Subtitles.
  2. Select the desired video for captioning  
  3. If a language has not been selected yet, select the desired language.

    Screen Shot of the command to set your videos language. There is a drop down menu with different language options, and a confirm button.
  4. Subtitles will be generated automatically
    1. Please note that processing times may vary
    2. If English is selected as the language, Automatic Subtitles will be labeled as "English (Automatic)"
    3. Another option for "English (United States) (video language) " is available if you are uploading a transcript. This will be covered in another section.             
  5. Select the "Options" icon of the automatic subtitles  
    Screen shot of the video list that is displayed under the subtitle option in Youtube Studio
  6. If the captions are being uploaded to Ensemble DO NOT SELECT DOWNLOAD.
    1. Youtube defaults to an .sbv caption file which is not supported on the Ensemble player.
  7. Select "Edit on Classic Studio" 
    Screen Shot of the control options for the subtitles assigned to a video. There are options to Edit on Classic Studio, Download, and Delete.
  8. A new window will appear with the editor feature
  9. If the captions are correct, select the Actions icon and download .vtt
    Screen shot of the Youtube Studio Editing Window. There is a button for Actions with a drop down menu to download different caption files. There is also and edit button in the top right of the window to edit the captions.
  10. If the captions are inconsistent, you can edit them within Youtube's Editor. 
    1. Select the Edit button.
  11. There are options to type new captions, fix captions, and adjust timings.
    Screen shot of the Youtube Studio editor window which allows users to fix captions, add captions, and edit timings
  12. Click Save Changes, and download the file as described above. 

Uploading Transcripts for Captioning

There is also an option to Upload transcripts that need to be time stamped.

  1. Under the "subtitles" menu option (in the left menu panel of Youtube Studio) select the Add icon
    Screen shot of the video list that is displayed under the subtitle option in Youtube Studio
  2. In the next window select "Upload a file"
  3. Another window will appear asking you to upload either a transcript or subtitled file
    Screen shot of command prompt that appears when selecting to upload a file in the managa subtitles window. User can browse for file and select upload.
  4. Transcripts should be saved and uploaded as .TXT files with no formatting
  5. Once uploaded, select "Set Timings"
    Screen shot of the Transcribe and autosync window that appears after uploading a file. There is a button to set timings on the bottom right of the screen
  6. Please note that processing times may vary
  7. When complete, the subtitles can be edited and downloaded the same way as with Automatic captions
    1. Select the Subtitle button on the left menu panel
    2. Select the desired video   
    3. Select the captioned file you would like to edit
    4. Select Options 
    5. Select Edit on Classic Studio  
    6. Select the Actions icon and download .vtt or select edit to make changes

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