ITS Learning Environments and Media Production
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Panorama of room from students perspective. Fixed Teaching Station on left. 4 rows of computers with mobile chairs.

Panorama of room from teachers perspective. Fixed Teaching Station on right. 4 rows of computers with mobile chairs.

Room Type: Technology Classroom

Seating Capacity:24 (Seating Chart)

Room Features:

Teaching Station

Teaching Station

Included on this teaching station:

Windows Computer

All-in-One PC

Located in the technology rack is an All-in-One PC. It runs off of the most updated version of Windows.


High Definition Projection System


High Definition Projection System and an electric screen is mounted within the room.

The projector will display:

  • Windows Computer
  • Selected Source on Controller

DVD/VCR Player

Located in the technology rack or teaching station is a DVD VCR player. When selected as a source this player can play the following:


Playback Speaker System

Playback Speakers

Located in the room are 2 Speakers on the front wall. These speakers project Playback audio.

The following are included in the system:

  • Playback of audio from the selected source.



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