Figure 1_MLC ControllerRegistrar rooms with certain technology, use a push button system to control the rooms Speaker Volume, and Projection Source. These control system vary by model and look, but have the same functionality. These systems can be found on the teaching station, on a technology rack, or on the front wall of the classroom. The following instructions will explain how to use these systems  



Using the Push Button Control System

Figure 2_MLC Interface

Turning the Display On/Off 

 When entering the room, press the Display on button, to turn on the projector/TV Display. (See: Figure 2_MLC Interface)

  • The On button, will flash while the projector/TV warms up. A solid light will appear when the Display is fully on.
  • The same process will happen when turning off the display
  • Note: that well the Off button is flashing, the system will not power back on until a solid light appears on the Off button

Muting the Display and Adjusting the Image

  • On the center Menu of the MLC Controller, the user will have options to adjust the Display
    • Press the Auto Image button, to reset the video signal sent to the Display. This will correct the projected image if it appears off (See: Figure 2_MLC Interface)
    • Press the Mute on/Mute off button, to mute and unmute the projector or TV. (See: Figure 1_MLC Controller)
    • Some Controllers may also give options for additional control, such as bringing the projection screen up or down (See: Figure 2_MLC Interface)

Volume Control

  •  Under the Display control, there is a knob control, which controls the source volume.
    • Green LED lights will indicate how loud the volume is set.
    • A Red light will indicate that the volume is set to max 
    • Note: When muting the Display, this may also mute the audio of the selected source as well 

Selecting a Source

  • To display a source, make sure that the source is turned on and connected properly.
    • Aux, VGA Laptop, and HDMI sources will need to be properly connected at the Input Panel/Cable Cubby in the room (See: Figure 3_Input Panel
      Figure 3_Input Panel
  •  On the right side of the MLC Controller, select the desired source (See: Figure 2_MLC Interface)
  • A light will illuminate on the button of the source that is selected and sent to the Display.
  • Technology and Sources are limited to those that are labeled on that classrooms push button controller.




If the MLC or System 5IP Controller does not function as described please call 315-443-2677 for assistance. 


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