Panorama room 102 student view, stadium seating with tables, teaching station front center

Room Type: Technology Classroom

Seating Capacity: 42 (Floor Plan)

Room Features:

Teaching Station

teaching station

Included on this teaching station:

Windows Computer

micro windows

Located in the teaching station is a Windows Computer. It runs off of the most updated version of Windows.


Soundtube Speaker

soundtube speaker 

Located at each workstation is a Soundtube Speaker, which isolates the audio from the local source to that specific working area.

Apple Computer

mac mini

Located in the teaching station is a Mac Mini. It runs off of the most updated version of Apple.

LED Panel

confidence monitor

In Presenter Mode, the front two LED panels will display the teaching station source.

Display Sources:

  • Windows Computer
  • Selected Source on Controller

Web Based Video Conferencing System

marshall camera

Located in this room are front and rear pan, tilt, zoom cameras. This classroom also provides a ceiling mounted PZM microphone to capture general room audio. The cameras and ceiling microphone are connected to the local windows computer for use with web-based video applications. (Camera Instructions)  

Some applications that can be used include:


Playback and Public Address Speaker System

extron speaker

Located in the room are several Ceiling Speakers . These speakers project Playback audio from the teaching station and the Public Address audio.

The following are included in the system:

  • Playback of audio from the selected source.
  • 1 Lavaliere (located in teaching station drawer) (Microphone Instructions)

Work Stations


In the room are 6 collaborative working stations. Each is equipped with its own push-button controller, Apple TV, HDMI laptop port, and speaker. This monitor will allow the user to view either the local source or the source selected at the teaching station.  

Accessibility Features

ALS System

Accessibility Features incorporated in this room is an Assisted Listening System. These devices can be found in the Drawer of the Technology Rack and transmit the audio being sent to the room's speakers to individual receivers.


Blu-Ray Player

Blu Ray Player

Located in the technology rack or teaching station is a Blu-Ray player. When selected as a source this player can play the following:

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