Figure 1_Wacom Monitor

Registrar classrooms may have a Wacom Monitor installed on the teaching station. The Wacom Monitor is a pen touch monitor that displays selected video and computer sources. When used to display video sources, the Wacom acts as a preview monitor. When used to display the windows computer, the Wacom seconds as an interactive display. This document will give instructions on how to use the interactive features of the Wacom Monitor.



Turning on the Wacom Monitor

  • When entering the room, make sure that the Audio Visual System is turned on and the desired video source is selected.
  • If the Wacom does not display an image, make sure it is turned on. A solid blue light next to the power button will indicate that the monitor is on, (See Figure 1_Wacom Monitor).
  • If the power is off, press the power button once. The power button can be found on the top right corner of the Wacom (See Figure 1_Wacom Monitor).
  • If using the Windows computer, make sure the computer is on and not in sleep mode.
  • If the monitor fails to turn on, please call 315-443-2677 for assistance.


Using the Interactive Pen 

Figure 2_Wacom Pen


  • Make sure the Wacom Monitor is turned on.
  • Locate the Pen, which will be attached to the Wacom Monitor, (See Figure 2 Wacom Pen).
  • Make sure Windows Computer is turned on and selected as a source.
  • Press the pen on the Monitor to activate it as a mouse.
  • The pen will respond to where the pen is dragged and pressed on the Wacom Monitor.  
  • The buttons on the side of the Pen act as the left/right click on the mouse.
  • To use the on screen Wacom Keyboard press the Keyboard Button as seen in Figure 3_ Wacom Keyboard.Figure 3_Wacom Keyboard
  • The keyboard will act as a standard keyboard.
  • To Use the freeform option, press the button in the upper left corner of the keyboard.
  • The following window will appear as seen in Figure 4 _Wacom Freeform.

Figure 4_Wacom Freeform

  • Use the free space to hand write text. The Wacom will attempt to format the freehand into text that can be inserted into the computer. 

 Using the Pen as an Annotation Device

Figure 5_Pen Tools

  • The pen may also be used to draw lines/free form in certain programs, such as in Microsoft Office.
  • Open the desired Microsoft Program.
  • Select the screen with the pen.
  • On the top menu, Pen Tools will appear, (See Figure 5_Pen Tools).
  • Under the Pen tab, select either: Pen, Highlighter, or Eraser along with the color and thickness desired.
  • The pen can now be used to annotate the document.
  • To use the Monitor as a virtual whiteboard, open Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Select Blank Presentation.
  • Insert blank slides as necessary.
  • Select the Slide Show tab in the upper menu, to go into full screen.
  • Using the Pen tools as described above, annotate the document.
  • Select File Save, to save the annotations.




If the Wacom does not function as described please call 315-443-2677 for assistance. 


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