A common error when the web page you are trying is not found on the web site's server

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Problem Summary

When trying to access a web page you are presented with a "404 Not Found" error.


  • Retry the web page by reloading the URL or clicking on the Refresh button.
  • Check for an error in the URL. Try re-entering it.
  • Move up by one directory level in the URL eg:- if it is www.123.com/x/y/z.htm then try www.123.com/x/y/. Continue to move up directory levels to see if you can reach a valid page.
  • If you are able to load the website's main page, look for a search engine. Attempt to find the information you want by typing in key words in the search engine and doing a website search.
  • Finally you may want to attempt to contact the webmaster to check where that web page is available. The webmaster of most Internet sites can be reached via email at webmaster@website.com, just replace website.com with the actual website name.

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Syracuse University ITS