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If you already have one or more email accounts (called "Personalities") in Eudora:

1. Start Eudora
2. From the menu bar at the top of the Eudora screen, select Tools > Personalities. The Personalities window appears.
3. Right-click anywhere inside the Personalities window and choose New from the context menu. The first window of the New Account Wizard appears.
4. Select "Create a brand new email account" and click the Next button
5. At the Personality Name screen, type: SUmail (IMAP)
6. Click the Next button and continue with Step 3 below, clicking the Next button after completing each screen.

If the New Account Wizard pops up when you start Eudora:

1. Click the Next button to begin (and to proceed after completing each screen)
2. At the Account Settings screen, select "Create a brand new email account"
3. At the Personal Information screen, enter your name as instructed
4. At the Email Address screen, enter your email address (
5. At the User Name screen, enter your NetID in the User Name field (i.ed.
6. At the Incoming Email Server screen, enter (if this doesn't work, try and click IMAP
7. At the IMAP Location Prefix screen, leave the Location Prefix field blank
8. At the Outgoing Email Server screen, enter and check the box in front of "Allow authentication"
9. At the Success screen, click the Finish button to create the account
10. At the Password prompt, enter your NetID password
11. Wait while Eudora fetches your mailbox list from
12. To view your mailbox list, select Tools > Mailboxes from the menu bar at the top of the Eudora screen. The Mailboxes window appears.
13. Right-click on the folder labeled SUmail (IMAP) and click on Refresh Mailbox List
14. To download your SUmail messages into these folders, click the Check Mail icon, press Ctrl+M, or select File > Check Mail from the pull-down menus.
15. Folders with subfolders will display a + sign to the left of the top-level folder. Click on the + sign to display the subfolders in that group.

When you have finished setting up your account via the New Account wizard, you are now ready to receive messages. However, you may need to take an additional step in order to send messages.

To set up your outgoing mail (SMTP) server, do the following:

1. From the menu bar at the top of the Eudora screen, select Tools > Personalities. The Personalities window appears.
2. Right-click on the persona SUmail (IMAP) and click on Properties
3. In the SMTP server field, enter
4. Make sure that the box in front of "Authentication allowed" is checked.
5. To save your settings and close the Options dialog box, click OK.

Note: If you are off campus, your internet service provider (ISP) may not allow outgoing mail to be sent through this SMTP server. In that case, please consult your ISP for the proper outgoing mail settings or connect to the Syracuse University VPN before using your e-mail client.

You are now ready to send and receive mail in Eudora. If you ever wish to change the settings of your email account, you can do so from the Tools > Options dialog box. You can also change these settings in the Account Settings dialog, which is accessed by right-clicking on a persona in the Personalities window. The Personalities window also lets you create alternate email accounts and edit the settings in those accounts.