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The password for you netID is kept in sync with SUmail for SUmail users. When you change your password using, the new password should be pushed within SUmail within 15 minutes, but can take up to an hour. This password is the same one you will use along with other SU related webpages such as Myslice and Blackboard. Therefore, we don't recommend that students and alumni change their SUmail password using the "change password" feature within SUmail; this will cause the netID password and SUmail password to get out of sync, and the SUmail password will get overwritten the next time you change your netID password.

Note that the netID password must be at least 8 characters long to sync properly with your SUmail account.

For help with SUmail password problems, call the ITS Help Desk at (315) 443-2677 or email

Microsoft Account Password

During the SUmail upgrade on July 8, 2013, current SUmail accounts were split into two separate accounts:

  • SUmail account – for your email, calendar, and contacts. Microsoft refers to this as your “Organizational Account.”
  • Microsoft account – for SkyDrive, Messenger, and other Microsoft services.

The Microsoft account is managed by Microsoft and is not synced with your netID password.  Visit Managing the Passwords for your SUmail and Microsoft Account for information on how to change the password for your Microsoft Account.