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Client Screen Captures - Safari - OSX.

Instructions and screen captures of the client side of a Bomgar session using Safari - OSX.

bomgar at syracuse university portal

  • If the client does not see any of the following screen shots, it is possible that the windows are hidden behind other internet windows.

Responding to a Bomgar Remote Session on Safari OSX

  • Once the client opens up their Safari web browser and types into the address bar they will see the following window. After the website has loaded they will need to click on the representative with whom they have been communicating and who will be granted remote access to your computer.

locate support representative

  • Once they click on a representative, a download box will pop up on their screen and automatically download Bomgar.

downloads folder

  • Once Bomgar finishes downloading, the Mac OSX Finder screen will pop up and show them an icon which says "Double-Click to Start Support Session." The client should click on this icon.

bomgar client in folder

  • A security box will pop up to verify that the client wants to open an application which has been downloaded from the internet. Client should click the "Open" button.

security warning show source cancel or open

  • The Bomgar Support Customer Client window will pop up.

bomgar client support window

  • At this point the representative must initiate a conversation with the client and ask to share control of their screen. They should click the "Allow shared control of your computer" button.

bomgar client support window options

The representative should now have access to the client's computer.