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About Collage

Collage is powered by ResourceSpace, an open source digital asset management software. It is currently a two tier web application. The application sever host is an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine.  The ResourceSpace application is a PHP application running under Apache.  The database server host is also an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine.  The database server software is MySQL.

We selected ResourceSpace because it:

  • has the features we were looking for without being overkill
  • is open source (customizable, flexible)
  • has a strong user group/community
  • user friendly

Peer site: Virginia Tech (http://www.photolibrary.unirel.vt.edu/) had over 33,000 images.

What is Collage for?

Collage is a place to share images and graphics with the SU community and beyond.

Our Current Stats:


  • allocated 37.5GB, utilized 60%
  • storing 8,097 images uploaded in approximately 2 weeks time

Prod (as of Oct 2012)

  • allocated ~1000 GB, utilizing 75%
  • storing 111,152 images, 58,782 of them Public
  • largest single image so far 530 MB
  • approximately 400 users who aren't simply "General Users"
What are we working on?

We're often a step ahead on dev, publishing new features and enhancements we think should go to production.

If you log in to Collage, what can you do?

When you log in to Collage, a general user account is created for you. This lets you search for images, download unrestricted content, save images to Collections for quick access, and share images that you find.

So how do images get to Collage?

Different people have different rights to Collage. Basically, there are those who can download, those who can upload or download, and those who get to decide who gets to be an uploader (users, contributors, and admins).

What resources are out there for Collage?

Our Answers space has 'how to' information and will continue to grow. Simply go to answers.syr.edu and search Collage.
For information about ResourceSpace, please visit http://resourcespace.org/ or their wiki, http://wiki.resourcespace.org/index.php/Main_Page.
For any remaining questions, please send an email to collage@syr.edu.