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Objective: To configure SUmail on Windows 8 based PCs and tablets using the built-in mail application


  1. Open Mail client
    1. Press Start button on the keyboard and select the mail application from the visible tiles.
      Windows 8 Start Menu
    2. If the mail application is not on the tile start typing "mail" to begin search, select apps from the menu on the right of the screen and then click on mail
      Mail app on Windows 8
  2. Once the application is open, unless you have an email account already set up, you will see a screen similar to this:
              Opening Mail app screen with no accounts added to it

    1. On this screen enter email address("") and password
    2. Click on Show More Details
      Add more details form for SUmail on Mail app
    3. enter the following fields
      1. Email address: "" (without quotes)
      2. Server address :
      3. Domain : (leave this field blank)
      4. Username : "" (without quotes)
      5. Password : "YourNetIdPassword"
  3. If there is a prompt asking you to enforce security choose "Yes"