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General Content Checklist

Use the Accessibility Checklist for Content Editors.

Microsoft Office Tutorials and Checklists

Microsoft Word

S.U. WorkshopCreating Accessible Documents in MS Word (Recordings and Handouts)ITS
CheatsheetsCheatsheets for all recent versions of MS Word


TutorialUse the Accessibility Checker on your MacMicrosoft

Creating accessible documents

Basics of adding alt text descriptions and using styles to improve accessibility.


Creating accessible Word documents

Techniques for creating accessible documents in Microsoft Word


Microsoft Excel

Cheatsheet Creating Accessible Excel 2010/13 (Windows) & 2011 (Mac) NCDAE

Find & fix accessibility issues in a workbook

How to use the Accessibility Checker to identify inaccessible content


Creating accessible Excel workbooks

Techniques for creating accessible Microsoft Excel documents



Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Outlook

Charts and Graphs


Adobe Products Tutorials and Checklists

Adobe Acrobat PDF 

Adobe InDesign  


Web Tutorials and Checklists

Web Content

Workshop Slides

Fundamentals of Web Accessibility (Slides PDF)
Handout: WCAG Manual Evaluation Form (Word)

Handout: WebAIM WCAG 2.0 Checklist

ITS Accessibility

Tips for Getting Started with Web Accessibility

These tips introduce basic considerations for making your website more accessible and provide links to additional guidance. Tips are grouped by activity: Tips for user interface and visual design, Tips for writing and presenting content, and Tips for markup and coding.

 TutorialWeb Accessibility Tutorials
(covers page structure, menus, images, tables, forms & carousels using a variety of web technologies, including HTML4, HTML5, CSS3, WAI-ARIA, MathML, and SVG)
 How-To HTML Accessibility webAIM
 How-ToHow to Meet WCAG 2.0 W3C WAI
TechniquesWeb Accessibility: techniques to build more accessible web sitesPenn State University Accessibility
Best Practices

Accessibility Principles for Website Images

(best practices for creating appropriate and meaningful alt text for images)

Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology
Accessibility CheckerColor Contrast CheckerAcart Communications Inc.
CheatsheetWeb Accessibility in WordPress (Expressions) [PDF]SU Libraries Accessibility Training Series
CheatsheetWeb Accessibility in Cascade [PDF]SU Libraries Accessibility Training Series
PowerPointFundamentals of Creating Accessible Web Content - PowerPoint slides from hands-on workshopITS, Syracuse University

Creating Meaningful 'Alt text' Descriptions

TutorialWeb Accessibility Tutorials: An alt Decision TreeW3C Web Accessibility Initiative
TutorialText alternatives for images: a decision tree4Syllables

Video and Audio 

Math Content

ResourcesEquations, MathML, and LaTeXPenn State
TutorialIT Accessibility > MathNC State University, Office of Information Technology
How-ToAccessible MathOhio State University, Accessible Classroom Technologies

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