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Creating Accessible Forms Workshop

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What makes a form accessible?

  • Clear instructions
  • Logical tab order
  • Fully functional with keyboard
  • Labelled fields
  • Good error handling

Creating fillable Microsoft Word forms

Simple accessible forms can be created using Microsoft Word but you must be careful to use Legacy Control Types. You are generally safe with text boxes but check boxes and drop-down lists may pose problems for keyboard users or screen-reader users. Be sure to protect any non-fillable areas of the document to facilitate keyboard navigation between fields.

To add a Legacy Control Type

  • Add Developer tab to ribbon
  • Add question text
  • Choose Developer > Controls > Legacy Tools
  • Choose Text Form Field or Checkbox Form Field
  • In the Field Properties dialog box, name the field in the Bookmark box
  • Click Add Help Text, > Type Your Own, and type in the form label that a screen reader will announce.

To protect non-fillable areas of the form

  • Developer > Restrict Editing
  • In the Editing Restrictions area check 'Allow only this type of editing in the document'
  • Choose Filling in Forms
  • Click 'Yes, start enforcing protection'
  • When prompted to enter a password, leave it blank and click OK

Creating fillable Adobe PDF formsWhen creating fillable Adobe PDF forms you will generally start with a document that already has text and fields, most likely imported from Word.
Frevvo Forms

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Qualtrics Forms

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