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Please note: Licensing information below applies to SU faculty and SU staff only, except where indicated.
Many software companies offer special licensing agreements to higher education institutions as incentives for them to purchase and use their software products. In many cases, ITS purchases campus-wide or volume licenses for software products that are popular at Syracuse University and then redistributes them to departments and individuals for use on their university-owned computers. Because ITS provides software to the SU community of users, we acquire licenses in volume purchase arrangements and are thus able to obtain large discounts on per copy academic pricing. As a service to the campus community, ITS frequently purchases more licenses than we actually need and resells the extra licenses to individuals and departments for their use, passing along to the users a substantial cost saving when compared to retail pricing. 

If you are an end user looking for a specific product not mentioned here or have other questions, please contact your computer support group.  Please consult the listing of distributed support personnel. If you are a DSP looking for product information or have other questions, please contact the ITS Business Office at

Current Licenses

Adobe Cumulative License Program (CLP)

The Adobe Cumulative License Program provides significant savings on purchases over a two-year membership period. Software licenses, maintenance, media and documentation are available for a wide range of Adobe products not already covered in the Creative Cloud Enterprise Agreement at discounted prices.  
Category: Utilities, graphics

Adobe ETLA

The University participates in Adobe's Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). The ETLA is a three year membership agreement that provides licensing for Creative Cloud Enterprise.
Category: Utilities, graphics


Amos is a popular Windows program from SPSS for Structural Equation Modeling. Amos provides you with powerful and easy-to-use structural equation modeling software. Create more realistic models than if you used standard multivariate statistics of multiple regression models alone.
Category: Structural Equation Modeling


ArcGIS from ESRI is the leading family of products for Geographical Information Systems (GIS). SU has a site license for ESRI products, managed by the Geographic and Statistical Information Center (G-SIC) located in E.S. Bird Library. Key products available are ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo) and ArcInfo Workstation. Platform support includes Windows, Unix, and Linux.
Category: Geographical GIS

Autodesk Education Community

The Autodesk Education Community provides free access to the latest Autodesk design software to all education institutions.
Category: Design & Drafting


DPlot graphing software lets scientists and engineers graph, plot, analyze, and manipulate data.
Category: Graphing

Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Group

Dragon Professional Group enterprise-ready speech recognition software features powerful, easily sharable customization and integrates into current workflows to drive workplace productivity. 
Category: Business


EndNote enables you to move seamlessly through your research process with flexible tools for searching, organizing and sharing your research, creating your bibliography and writing your paper.
Category: Bibliographic Management

Faronics DeepFreeze

Faronics Deep Freeze makes PCs indestructible. It protects endpoints by Freezing a snapshot of a workstation’s desired configuration and settings set by the IT Admin with an instant reboot, any unwelcome or unwanted changes are removed from the system, restoring it to its pristine Frozen state.  
Category: Backup and recovery utility


Powerful, easy-to-use database software for yourself or a team. Create forms, reports and labels. Share on a network or over the web. 
Category: Database

Ghost Solution Suite

The Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is the industry’s most widely used enterprise imaging and deployment solution.
Category: Backup and recovery utility


JAWS, Job Access With Speech, is the world's most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. JAWS provides speech and Braille output for the most popular computer applications on your PC. 
Category: Accessibility

Lynda Campus is an online library of high-quality video tutorials, created by industry professionals teaching a wide variety of software tools and skills. The full range of these tutorials are available to current faculty, students and staff. 
Category: Business


Maple is a sophisticated general purpose computer algebra system designed to solve mathematical problems symbolically as well as numerically and produce high-quality two and three dimensional graphics and animations.
Category: Mathematical & Engineering


Almost any workflow involves computing results, and that's what Mathematica does—from building a hedge-fund trading website or publishing interactive engineering textbooks, to developing embedded image-recognition algorithms or teaching calculus. Mathematica is renowned as the world's ultimate application for computations. But it's much more—it's the only development platform fully integrating computation into complete workflows, moving you seamlessly from initial ideas all the way to deployed individual or enterprise solutions.
Category: Statistical

Matlab Concurrent Academic License

Matlab is a numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language. Developed by MathWorks, Matlab allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces and interfacing with programs written in other languages.
Category: Mathematical

Microsoft Imagine

Imagine is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for installation on lab, classroom and faculty computers for learning, teaching and research purposes at no cost.
Category: Business

Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions

The Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (formerly Microsoft Campus Agreement) is an easy, cost-effective offer that provides qualified academic customers a simplified way to acquire Microsoft software and services under a single subscription agreement.
Category: Business

Microsoft Office365

Designed to help students and teachers work together in exciting ways, this global offering provides eligible customers with access to Microsoft Office 365, best-in-class cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. 
Category: Business

Microsoft Select Plus

Select Plus for Academic offers the flexibility to acquire licenses as needed, a single customer ID to streamline account management across multiple affiliates, and the ability to add value with a full 36 months of Software Assurance.
Category: Business

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows delivers the best computing environment for education, with the personal experiences that students and teachers love, and the management tools that administrators need so that everyone is ready for class.
Category: Business


Minitab is a project-oriented, integrated, interactive, statistical and graphical analysis package that provides tools for data analysis, quality management and graphics
Category: Statistical


NVivo is software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. It lets you collect, organize and analyze content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio, social media and web pages.  
Category: Qualitative Analysis


With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting. Drag and drop files between Windows and Mac applications and launch Windows applications from your Mac dock. Powerful performance lets you run Windows productivity applications, even graphics intensive ones, with ease.
Category: Utilities

Power Admin Server Monitor

PA Server Monitor is touted as the easiest to install and use server monitoring software. It was built by IT administrators who understand first hand what is lacking in other programs, so you can be sure that it was built with you in mind. PA Server Monitor's sleek design and user-friendly layout provides you with the following powerful features: CPU and memory usage monitoring, Disk space monitoring, Ping response monitoring, Windows Event Log and service monitoring, SNMP, Traps and Syslog monitoring, Powerful alerting, Customizable reporting, Windows, Linux, and network device monitoring. The agentless monitoring is as easy to use for remote distributed locations as it is for local servers.
Category: Utilities


Qualtrics has developed a set of computer programs that facilitates and automates the process of conducting surveys.
Category: Qualitative Analysis


SAS is a sophisticated suite of analytic software components with extensive statistical, graphical, data management and application development facilities.
Category: Statistical

SPSS Administrative License

SPSS Statistics from IBM is a popular statistical package for Windows and Macintosh workstations, highly regarded for both teaching and research. It is a modular, tightly integrated, full-featured product family for the full analytical process: planning, data collection, data access and management, analysis, reporting and deployment.  
Category: Statistical

SPSS Teaching License

SPSS Statistics from IBM is a popular statistical package for Windows and Macintosh workstations, highly regarded for both teaching and research. It is a modular, tightly integrated, full-featured product family for the full analytical process: planning, data collection, data access and management, analysis, reporting and deployment.  
Category: Statistical


Stata is an extensible, integrated, interactive statistical package that provides tools for data analysis, data management and graphics. 
Category: Statistical

TechSmith Camtasia

TechSmith Camtasia's video editor makes it easy to create amazing videos without being an expert.
Category: Utilities, graphics

TechSmith Snagit takes the hassle out of creating images and videos. Capture your screen, edit images, and deliver results.
Category: Utilities, graphics
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TextHelp Read&Write Gold

Read&Write Gold helps all individuals succeed regardless of ability or learning style. Users can access the reading, writing, studying, and research tools they need at school, home, or work. Having text read aloud with dual color highlighting, along with additional support tools, helps every learner gain confidence and work independently at their own pace.
Category: Accessibility Solutions
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