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Listserv - If you're unfamiliar with our new version 16.0

Information for users familiar with our old (14.4) version but unfamiliar with the new 16.0 version

Table of Contents

Topic Overview

Syracuse University is upgrading from Listserv 14.4 to 16.0 on August 10, 2010 (alternate date August 17, 2010). This document is designed to help users familiar with 14.4 get around in 16.0.

Please choose either the "List Owners" or "List Subscribers" section below to find out how it impacts you.


Subscribers should contact their list owner(s) for help. See the help section below for how to contact your list owner

Overview: Upgrading from Listserv 14.4 to 16.0

The following sections summarize important changes from our current version, 14.4, which was released in 2005, to the current 16.0 release. Changes are broken down by applicability to owners and subscribers

List Owners - Major changes from 14.4 to 16.0

Note: start out at http://listserv.syr.edu and take the "List Management Interface" link.

A new ¿List Management Dashboard¿ has replaced the prior List Management page. Note that the rows of buttons are gone, replaced by dropdown menu items. The following screens will take you to Manual List Configuration, similar to the Configuration button in the past.

Screen 1

If you want to try something different and avoid some clicks, click on the Configure links at the bottom of the screen!

Screen 2

Screen 3

For other tasks, choose ¿List Management¿, then for:

  • the list configuration wizard, choose
    ¿List Management>List Configuration>List Configuration Wizard¿
  • Subscriber Management (formerly the Subscribers button) choose:
    ¿List Management>Subscriber Management¿
  • List moderation (formerly a link on the left) choose:
    ¿List Moderation¿ menu item along the top. Note that this item will only appear when you are logged in with an email address designated as a moderator (may come with editor rights)

16.0 has some new options for editing the list configuration, including an alphabetical list and task oriented lists in addition to retaining the Wizard. You may find one of these easier than- try them from the menu under"List Management>List Configuration."

List Members - Major changes from 14.4 to 16.0

The Subscriber¿s Corner is easier to read, but the upper half of the page layout is changed. The potentially most confusing difference is the two tabs, ¿My Lists¿ and ¿My Settings,¿ which differ only by access to report columns under ¿My Settings.¿ For those familiar with 14.4, clicking the two tabs should make everything clear. For users new to this page, there appears to be no guidance to the ¿My Settings¿ tab; this is one time we hope you will click around to see what¿s there!

You can also go to this screen directly from the subscriber's corner link on http://listserv.syr.edu

"Official" vendor documentation on version changes

The full documentation for Listserv, including changes, resides at http://www.lsoft.com/resources/manuals.asp. Following is a list of the individual release documents. I have provided links to the html versions because they load faster, but if you prefer, pdf versions are available, as well. Note: use the navigation buttons in the upper LH corner to move through the document (opening the document only displays a single page!)

Version 16.0 http://www.lsoft.com/manuals/16.0/htmlhelp/what%27s%20new/coverpage.html

  • ¿Plaintext¿ digest format will resolve some display issues in digests
  • Create html newsletters without using html
  • Subscriber information can now be exported as csv (Excel compatible) files.

Version 15.5  http://www.lsoft.com/manuals/15.5/htmlhelp/what%27s%20new/coverpage.1.1.html

  • Most changes are ¿under the hood¿ and are of interest to more technical list owners.

Version 15.0 http://www.lsoft.com/manuals/15.0/LISTSERV15.0-Release-Notes.htm

  • New web interface look and feel.

If you'd like a test list on our new 16.0 ...

The latest version of Listserv, version 16.0, is available for test at http://listtest.syr.edu . (this will be production on August 10, 2010) In order to get access, you will need to request a Listserv password for your email address from a link on this page. Note: some of the links at http://listtest.syr.edu may not work, such as those to request a list.

This test version does not have access to your existing lists, so if you want to ¿play¿, please request a test list by sending an email to listown@syr.edu. In that email please provide the following information:

  • Email Subject: New List [software:listname] for Listtest 16.0
  • Listname:
  • List Description:
  • Your email address:

We will setup the list, and then you will be able to configure it as you like for testing. If you have questions, please send them to listown@syr.edu.



List owners are responsible for all questions from list members

  • List members should contact their list owner(s) for help at <listname-request@listserv.syr.edu>. For example, if the listname is "clocks", send email to <clocks-request@listserv.syr.edu>. If you need help contacting the owner, please contact the ITS Service Center by email at help@syr.edu or by phone at 315-443-2677.
  • List owners may receive help by sending email to help@syr.edu or contacting the ITS Service Center at 315-443-2677.

Test version 16.0 of Listserv http://listtest.syr.edu

Production instance of Listserv (14.4) listserv.syr.edu

Vendor manuals http://www.lsoft.com/resources/manuals.asp