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If you had a SUmail account on July 8, 2013, your SUmail account was converted into two separate accounts, the SUmail/Organizational account and the Microsoft account, during the July 8, 2013 upgrade of SUmail.   Your SUmail account now provides access to your email, calendars, and contacts.  Your Microsoft account provides access to SkyDrive (for storing files) and Microsoft's Office Web Apps service.   For more information on the SUmail (Organizational) account and the Microsoft account, visit Your Two Accounts in Microsoft's Cloud.  To log into your Microsoft account, visit

Even if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, you can use the web versions of:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote

You can create, edit, and view files using these programs.  The files will be stored on the Skydrive that comes with your Microsoft account, so you can access the documents from the web. 

Note that the web versions of these office programs may not have the full feature set that comes with the locally installed versions of the programs or the Microsoft Office Suite.

You can purchase Microsoft Office programs to install on your Mac or Windows computer at SU's bookstore:  Bookstore


Office Web Apps Guides

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Microsoft has an "Office Web Apps Getting Started Guide" and an "Office Web Apps Step-by-Step Guide" that are downloadable from:  Office Web Apps

You can open documents created in Office Web Apps with the corresponding Office program if it is installed on your desktop or laptop.

Office 365 University Installation

 Ensure you are following the Microsoft Office 365 Installation Instruction. If you already have a Microsoft account, you can visit to get started. You should see the screen below.

Microsoft Office Form of University Version that indicates Product Key


When you have downloaded the software, you will be prompted to log into your Microsoft account in order to authenticate. You must choose your Microsoft account and not your organizational account. Failing to do so will result in an error indicating that there are no product keys associated to you account.