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Instructions to connect to MySite

  1. Under Create New menu click on Dreamweaver Site
  2. Click on the Servers Tab
  3. Click on "+" symbol to add a new server
  4. Under "Connect Using" drop down menu choose WebDAV
  5. URL enter (notice the 's' after http, and the '/admin' at the end.
  6. Enter your NetID and password
  7. Click the Test button to verify that your connection is valid.

Create a page from a template

  1. Click on "More" under create new
    more option under create new
  2. Click on "Blank Page" and choose a template (for ex. HTML)
    selecting blank page in the menu
  3. Choose the desired template
  4. Click on "Create" at the bottom right corner of the page
    clicking on create in the bottom right corner of the page
  5. Edit the template as required
  6. Click on "File" and select "Save As"
    selecting file and then save as
  7. Save the page as index.html
    name the file index
  8. On Right Hand corner under "Files" tab change the view to local
    locate the file in the files tab
  9. Select the index.html file
    select the index file
  10. Put the file on MySite by click on "up arrow" button
    put the file on mysite with the up arrow
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