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Supported web browsers for MySlice and Peoplesoft applications

General Browser Support for Peoplesoft:

Syracuse University's application portal "MySlice" deploys and links to enterprise-wide applications from multiple vendors.  The core applications - Peoplesoft Human Resources (HR), Campus Solutions (CS), and Financials (FIN), as well as MySlice itself are based on Oracle's Peopletools platform.  Other applications accessed through MySlice like Blackboard, Bills on the Web, Housing, Parking, etc. may have different browser support requirements.

Since the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge) have adopted a continuous upgrade philosophy, and all browsers auto-update to the latest versions on most clients - testing and certifying individual browser versions is no longer feasible.

Oracle supports "the current major (Stable) release, and the most prior major release" of Chrome, FF, Safari, and MS Edge/IE.

However, this does not mean that Oracle actually tests and certifies these many different versions.

In general, unless directed otherwise due to a known compatibility issue, it is best to use the latest current stable release of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE/Edge*. On mobile devices - Safari for iOS, and Chrome** for Android.

* MS Edge does have some known issues but Edge is also being updated frequently by Microsoft. IE support will decrease in coming years as Microsoft reduces support for it.

Officially tested browser versions by platform and application:

The following browsers were officially tested by Oracle during the development of PeopleTools 8.55.12 in 2015:

Note: these are all very old compared to current versions, as they are certified by Oracle during development of the software release - typically about 2 years before it is deployed in production at Syracuse University.

Desktop/PC/MacMobile Devices
Safari9.0, 8iOS: Safari
Chrome43Android: Chrome**
MS Edge25.10586 
MS IE11 
Firefox42, 38 

** Chrome is the only officially supported browser on Android devices, many android devices come with an alternate "android web browser" that can be branded by the vendor. These browsers are specifically not supported. Download Google Chrome from the Google Play Store and replace the default browser.

If you have any difficulty completing functions or services within these systems using the latest browser from the supported list, please contact our Service Center at 315-443-2677 or

Specific applications with known requirements/issues:

(Note: as of June 2017 the below are being reviewed for accuracy and updates will follow)

“Bills on the Web” allows access to Student Bills after students/parents are logged in via MySlice.  The application utilizes OnBase Docpop from the Bursar pages to display the student bills.

There are browser limitations with the existing OnBase version, v13.0.0.534.  They are listed below.

Windows operating systems - vendor supported

Windows 7 64-bit (32-bit)
     FF 10 ESR
     IE  10, 9, 8, 7

Apple operating systems

     Safari 5.1.9+, 6.0.4+

     FF 10 ESR

SU Testing Results

Current Java plugin required

What works:

Windows 7 64-bit (32-bit)
FF 22, FF 7
IE 8, 9, 10

Windows XP
FF22, FF 7

What Does Not work:

Windows 8 with IE 10

Windows 8 with FF18, FF22