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When students attempt to view their class schedule in MySlice, they may be presented with a pop-up window stating

"Contact information review needed."

This window contains links to each section in MySlice that requires verification.


ALL sections must be verified to clear the pop-up window. If any section is described as "not verified," the section link should be followed to verify that section.

To verify a contact section, review the data presented, update it if necessary, and click the checkbox verifying that the information is accurate. The checkbox typically is located near the bottom of the page being verified. Make sure to click this checkbox BEFORE clicking Save. Clicking Save alone will NOT verify the information.

Once all contact areas have been verified, the "Contact information review needed" window will go away and class information can be viewed normally.

Save Your Changes

Be sure to click Save as your final step. If you forget to save, you will need to go through the process again.