How to change and view your personal information in MySlice

1.      Log into MySlice with your NETID and password.

2.      Select the Personal Profile tile found on the Employee Home page or Student Home page.

General Information

Personal Profile Personal Details Landing Page

Personal Profile Banner

The Personal Profile banner provides access to MySlice system-wide standard navigation.

  Select the Back button to navigate to the previously visited page.

  Select the Home icon to return to Employee Home or Student Home, whichever is the default for you given your primary affiliation with Syracuse University.

  Select the Global Search icon to search for a specific page in MySlice from among all the pages to which you have access.

  Select the Notifications icon to review your system messages, particularly if you see an icon badge–a circle with a number in it overlaying the icon that indicates you have one or more unread messages to check.

  Select the Actions icon to open a new window, add the current page to your Homepage, add the current page to the NavBar, add the current page to your Favorites, configure your MySlice preferences, get help with MySlice, or sign out of MySlice.

  Select the NavBar icon to see your recently visited pages, favorites or a hierarchical menu of MySlice pages to which you have access.

Personal Profile Navigation Collection

Navigation collections are sets of links.  The Personal Profile navigation collection allows you to access Personal Profile pages.

Note:  Faculty and Staff who are not also Students do not have MySlice self-service access to the Ethnicity, Missing Person Contacts, and Relationships pages.  These pages are not shown in the Personal Profile navigation collection.

If the navigation collection is not visible, you may expand it by using the Navigation Area icon.  You may also hide the navigation collection with this icon.


Personal Profile Page Display Area

When you select an item in the Personal Profile navigation collection, the page becomes viewable in the display area.

Page Components

1.  Page Tabs

Personal Profile pages may contain tabs at the top for different pages within a navigation collection.  The current page tab is highlighted.  In the example below, the Personal tab of the Personal Details pages is selected.


2.  Information Icons

Select information icons to provide additional information and instructions about the page or its fields.


3.  Add Icons (Plus Signs)

Select add icons, which appear as plus signs [+], to add new information.


4.  Edit Icons (Right Arrows)

Select edit icons, which appear as right arrows [>], to view or update information.

Personal Profile Pages

The following is a list of Personal Profile pages, information about the pages, and the categories of data that are viewable or updatable on them.

Personal Details

The Personal Details pages contain information about your personal and biographical details.  Select the Personal tab to view or update name and citizenship information.  Select the Biographic tab to view or update demographic information.



Marital Status

Military Status  Note: Information entered on the separate Military Status page (see the Military Status page section below) updates your Military Status on the Personal Details – Biographic page.


Sex Designation


Contact Details

The Contact Details page contains email address and phone number information.

Note: Information entered on the Contact Details page updates your contacts on the Orange Alert Contacts page.



Orange Alert Private Phone  


The Addresses page contains address information.


Emergency Contacts

The Emergency Contacts page contains emergency contact(s) in case of an emergency.

Emergency Contacts


The Ethnicity pages contain Ethnicity information.  Select the Ethnicity tab to answer standard questions about your ethnicity.  Select the Background tab to add more detailed information about your ethnicity.

Note: Faculty and Staff do not have access to the Ethnicity pages.



Military Status

The Military Status page contains self-reported Military service information.

Note: Information entered on the Military Status page updates your Military Status on the Personal Details – Biographic page.

Military Status

Evacuation Assistance Request

The Evacuation Assistance Request page allows you to request for evacuation assistance in the event of an emergency. Your request will be made available to the Department of Public Safety.

Evacuation Assistance Request

Missing Person Contacts

The Missing Person Contacts page contains required missing student contact(s) and Emancipated Minor information.

Note: Faculty and Staff do not have access to Missing Person Contacts page.

Missing Person Contacts

Orange Alert Contacts

The Orange Alert Contacts page displays the contact information that will be used to alert you and to provide instructions in the event of a critical incident that requires activation of Syracuse University's Orange Alert crisis notification system.

Note: Information entered on the separate Contact Details page (see the Contact Details page section above) updates your contacts on the Orange Alert Contacts page.

Orange Alert Contacts


Relationships page contains parent information for parents.  

  • The Parent One designation is for parents who live together at a single address. If your parents do not live together, enter the one who lives with you. 

  • The Parent Two designation is for the non-resident parent. Enter the parent who does not live with you or Parent 1.

Note: Faculty and Staff do not have access to Relationships page.


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