Log into MySlice like normal.

In the top right corner click on the shish kabob (three dots) menu.

And then click on “Personalize HomePage”

Click on “Add HomePage”

At the bottom of the 'Add Homepage' pop up box,  enter a name for a new Homepage:
(Can be any name you want - in this case "Dan's Home Page")

Click on Add.

In the left hand menu you will see your new home page at the bottom of the list.

Take a moment now and note what homepage is currently listed at the top. Write this down. (Employee Home in this case)

Now click on your new homepage at the bottom, and drag it to the top of the list, and drop it there so it looks like this:

Then in the Top Right of the Browser window click on the Save button.

Once it saved, your screen will go back to your new blank home page. You will see no tiles.
Now Logout of MySlice, and clear cache and cookies, then close the browser.

Log back into MySlice as normal.  You should land on your new blank home page with no tiles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do NOT land on the new blank homepage you must go back to step one. For this fix to work you must have a blank homepage when you first log in. 

Click on your new homepage name at the top bar of the screen, and you will see a drop-down list of all available homepages.
Click on the one you wrote down above - it should be #2 in the list. (Employee Home in this case)

This will bring up your old homepage.
Now your home page will have the tiles you originally had and you can work as normal.

For this work-around to work, you need to land on that blank page every time you log in to MySlice.
Once you see the blank page, you can go ahead and switch to any other homepage as shown above.
Don’t change your default homepage back or add anything to the blank homepage page or it will break it again.