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Please use the following information to better understand how each role is used to manage your department's print management interface.

Locating the Administrative Interface

Access to the administrative interface of PaperCut can be found at printing.syr.edu/admin. Login credentials will be dictated by your a- account.

Can't Log In?

If you are having trouble logging into the print management admin interface, review the following:

  • Ensure that you are using your a- account information. Note that the password is often different than your NetID password.
  • Ensure that you are logging in at the admin interface site, located at printing.syr.edu/admin.

If you continue to have trouble logging in or simply need to reset the password to your a- account, please contact your organizational unit administrator.

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PaperCut Administrative Roles

The following grid indicates the tabs and core administrative functions provided to users in a given role within the admin and web cashier interfaces. Please see the role specific sections below for more details about the administrative access of each role. More details about the admin interface can be found on the PaperCut Admin Interface answers page.

 DashboardUsersPrintersJob LogsWeb Cashier Manage PrintersRefundsHold Release QueuePurchasesLog Reports
Refund Jobs  X    X   
Hold Release  X     X  
Web Cashier    X    X 
OU AdminXXXX  X   X
SVC AdminXX X   X  X


Managing Administrative Roles

Note that administrative access is not managed within the PaperCut admin interface. Access is based on user enrollment in admin groups on an organizational unit level. New employees should be added to the group of the administrative role desired. Note that it takes up to one hour after being added to an admin group for a user to gain the intended administrative access. If you feel you should have access to a particular role, please contact your organizational unit administrator

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Refund Jobs Role

Users with the Refund Jobs role will primarily use their access to refund misprinting or failed print jobs. Refund Jobs users will do so in the Printers tab within the admin interface. Note: Users with this role will only be able to see printers in their department. Students requiring refunds for printers at alternative printing locations should contact the ITS Help Desk.

Hold Release Jobs Role

Users with the Hold Release Jobs role will primarily be managing the print queues in their department location(s) on campus. Hold Release Jobs users will have access to Printers tab within the admin interface.

Web Cashier Role

Users in the Web Cahier Role will primarily be applying funds to user accounts. Web Cashier users will have access to the Users tab within the admin interface. Web Cashiers will only be able to provide funds to clients within the departments designated user groups.

Admin Role (Department Admins)

The Admin role will primarily be distributed to department-specific IT personnel who are responsible for managing the printing environment for a given location on campus. They will also be providing the previously listed administrative roles to personnel in their department(s). Users who require this access level will be granted within 2-4 hours of being added to the department's administrator group.

Service Center Admin Role

The Service Center Admin role will be distributed to full-time staff at the ITS Help Desk. The ITS Help Desk will primarily interact with students who are in need of refunds or investigation of their printing accounts.

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PaperCut Administrative Support Documentation

Use the following pages to learn more about or to perform specific tasks within the PaperCut admin interface.

Getting Help

If you have general questions or are having technical difficulties with SU's printing management system, contact the print management technical team by emailing pmtt@syr.edu.

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