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If you are looking to purchase a computer to be used for your coursework, please note the recommendation below. Recommendations have been provided by individual schools and colleges. If you have questions, please contact your school or college directly. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All Syracuse University students are encouraged to have a computer running Microsoft Office or Office 365. Active Syracuse University students can download and install Microsoft Office desktop applications on up to five computers (PC, Mac) and five mobile devices (iOS, Android). The subscription also includes Windows 10 if you need it. And , it’s FREE while you're an active Syracuse University student! For details, please visit

School or CollegeRecommendation
School of ArchitectureYou will use computers for CAD, 3D modeling, graphic design and architecture-specific applications. Macintosh users will need to run Windows in order to use certain programs. For more information visit
College of Arts & SciencesA&S students should have their own Macintosh or Windows computer, preferably a laptop.
School of EducationSOE students are encouraged to have a laptop computer. Students who are dually enrolled with music or art education should check The College of Visual and Performing Arts' recommendations to ensure they have the computer and software required.
College of Engineering and Computer Science

E&CS students are strongly encouraged to have a notebook computer; for more specific information visit

Falk College of Sport & Human DynamicsStudents should have a personal laptop or desktop computer.
School of Information Studies

iSchool students must have a laptop with Windows 10, Mac OS X 10, or Linux. Chromebooks are not adequate. Several courses use Windows applications, which Mac users can run in our physical or remote access labs or, in most cases, via virtualization. Laptops should have a minimum of 8GB RAM (16GB if attempting virtualization using VMware, VirtualBox or Parallels), an HDMI adapter, and 25GB of storage reserved for iSchool courses.

Visit for more information.

College of LawCollege of Law students are required to arrive with a laptop in good working condition and to maintain that laptop in good working condition for the time they are here. Most modern laptops running Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X, purchased within the last 3 years, should be sufficient. Chromebooks or devices running Linux are not supported.
The Martin J. Whitman School of Management

For information on computer hardware and software recommendations for incoming Whitman School of Management students, please visit

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public AffairsStudents are encouraged to have their own laptops. 8-16GB of RAM is recommended for students using their laptop for statistical (i.e. Stata, SPSS) or cartographic software such as ArcGIS. 
S.I. Newhouse School of Public CommunicationsRecommend students bring a computer. Newhouse provides extensive access to lab computers for completing class-related work, but students should be able to check email, browse the web and write papers outside of the labs.
College of Visual and Performing Arts

For information on computer hardware and software recommendations for incoming Visual and Performing Arts students, please visit

University College (Continuing Education)Students should have access to a personal desktop or laptop computer. Please refer to your appropriate school or college for computer requirements specific to your program of study.
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