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Problem Overview

    • Setting up SUMail on a WIndows 7 Mobile Phone or a Windows 8 mobile phone


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select: email & accounts
  3. Click on: add an account
  4. Click on Outlook
  5. Type in your email address
  6. Type in your password, if it syncs successfully you're done, otherwise continue with step 7
  7. If the setup fails, you will have to enter additional information manually:
    1. Verify your email address
    2. Verify your Password
    3. User Name:

      Exchange Accounts

      Some students (usually grad students) can have an AD account. If so, use the same process while using the server

    4. Domain: leave blank
  8. Sign in
  9. If it fails again, click on Advanced on the windows that come up 
    1. On server type:
    2. Require SSL connection
  10. Once it is successfully setup, it will start syncing your email, contacts and calendars.
    1. You can change whether you want your contacts and calendars synced.