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Please use the following steps to block an email address from sending emails to your SUmail account. Exchange users (faculty/staff) please use the steps found here.

Requires Web Interface

The following method requires the web interface version of your account found at . Your log in credentials are managed on the NetID self service page.

Step 1 - Log In To Your Account

Visit and sign into your account.

office 365 log in

Step 2 - Locate the Options Menu

Locate the cog/gear symbol () in the upper right hand corner. In the drop down, click Options.

settings drop down

Step 3 - Open the Account's Block Settings

Once in the Options area, type "Block" in the search box. click on Block or allow. This will be located under the Accounts tab.

block or allow search results

Step 4 - Specify the Account Block

Locate the Blocked Senders section. Input the email address of the sender you wish to block in the text box and hit the "+".

block sender menu

Block Sender Domain

If you'd like to block any emails from a particular domain, simply put anything past the "@" symbol in the block field. Example: If you'd like to block all Gmail senders, input "" and hit the "+" symbol. This will block all Gmail senders from reaching your account.

Step 5 - Verify and Save

Verify that the block has been added to the list and review the blocked sender. Click Save. The block will begin immediately upon saving your changes.

enter desired email of the block sender

Your account will now automatically block this sender from emailing you.

Edit or Remove Block

If you'd like to remove or edit a currently listed block simply highlight it in the list. User the pencil symbol to update or change a currently listed block or hit the "-" button to remove it. Be sure to Save any changes.

edit or remove options for blocked senders

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