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These training sessions are designed for IT Directors and their staff who will be involved in the accessibility assessment of products during the procurement process. The training will include presentation and hands-on exercises, and will be presented in two parts. Please Register in advance to be added to the waitlist.


(all sessions will be held at 621 Skytop Road, Room 1116 )

Part A: Standards and Tools

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Part B: Evaluation Procedure - Techniques

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Please Register in advance to be added to the waitlist.

Part A: Standards and Tools (3 -hours)

  1. Introduction to the Procurement Process (.5 hours)
    1. Procurement Form
    2. WCAG 2.0 Manual Evaluation
    3. Decision Process
  2. Accessibility Basics (.25 hours)
    1. Essential components of web accessibility
    2. How people with disabilities use the web
  3. Accessibility Standards (.5 hours)
    1. WCAG 2.0/2.1
    2. Section 508
    3. ISO 9241-171
  4. Evaluation Tools Overview (.75 hours)
    1. WAVE Tool
    2. SiteImprove
    3. Colour Contrast Analyser, Color Contrast Checker
  5. Assistive Technologies Overview (.5 hours)
    1. Jaws with IE
    2. VoiceOver for OS
    3. VoiceOver for iPhone
    4. TalkBack for Android

Part A Course Materials

Part B: Evaluation Procedure - Techniques (3-hours)


  1. General Process (.25 hours)
    1. Define the scope, explore the target site, select a representative sample
    2. Conduct the audit and report findings
  2. Criteria and associated testing techniques (1 hour)
    1. All content is usable from the keyboard only
    2. Audio and Video
    3. Page can be read effectively with a screen reader
    4. Content maintains clarity when magnified
    5. Color
    6. Page Layout
  3. Testing on desktop with screen readers (.5 hours)
    1. Jaws with IT
    2. NVDA with Firefox
    3. VoiceOver for OS
  4. Testing mobile apps (.25 hours)
    1. VoiceOver for OS
    2. TalkBack for Android
  5. Special considerations for testing non-web software with screen readers (.25 hours)
    1. Keyboard support
    2. Non-interference

Part B Course Materials:

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