Students who are former SU employees and have their SU email address ( routing to SU's Exchange service will not get set up automatically with a SUmail account. They need to contact the ITS Help Desk at or (315) 443-2677 for assistance in getting transitioned from Exchange to SUmail. 

Note that any migration of existing email messages in the Exchange system to SUmail is at the discretion of the department that employed the individual and requires the department's approval.


Students who are former employees should not have accounts in both SUmail and Exchange (except during any approved email migration). Having accounts in both systems leads to email being sent to two different services, email that is not read, and it creates confusion for both the email account owner and people sending email to the person. Once the student is set up in SUmail, the Exchange account should be removed. Help Desk staff can work with technical staff in the Colleges and units to assist in getting the Exchange account removed.