Using Microsoft Outlook Express with SUmail

How to use Microsoft Outlook Express with SUmail.

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  1. Start Microsoft Outlook Express.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of the Outlook Express screen, select Tools > Accounts.
  3. At the Internet Accounts window, click the Add button and select Mail
  4. At the Internet Connection Wizard, enter the following, clicking the Next button after each screen:
    1. Display name (as you would like it to appear in your outgoing mail)
    2. E-mail Address (
    3. My incoming mail server is a IMAP server (choose IMAP from list)
      1. Incoming mail (IMAP) server: outlook.office365.comĀ  (if this does not work, try POD51000.OUTLOOK.COM)
      2. Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:
    4. Account Name (your
      1. Password (your NetID password)
      2. DO check the box in front of Remember password
      3. DO NOT check the box in front of "Log on Using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)"
    5. At the Congratulations screen, click the Finish button
  5. At the Internet Accounts window, click the Properties button and do all of the following:
    1. On the General tab, under Mail Account, change POD51000.OUTLOOK.COM to SUmail (IMAP). Be sure that the box is checked in front of "Include This Account When Receiving Mail or Synchronizing."
    2. On the Servers tab, under Outgoing Mail Server tab, check the box in front of "My Server Requires Authentication" and click the Settings button. Be sure that "Use Same Settings as my Incoming Mail Server" is selected, then click the OK button.
    3. On the Advanced tab, under both Outgoing mail (SMTP) and Incoming mail (SMTP), check the boxes in front of "This Server Requires a Secure Connection (SSL)"
    4. When finished with the above, click the OK button
  6. At the Internet Accounts screen, click the Close button.
  7. At the prompt "Would you like to download folders from the mail server you added?" click the Yes button.
  8. At the Show/Hide IMAP Folders screen, click the Cancel button.
  9. From the Outlook Express menu bar, select Help > Contents and Index.
  10. In the Outlook Express Help window, click the Search tab.
  11. On the Search tab, type in the keyword IMAP and click the List Topics button.
  12. Click on a topic, then click the Display button to read the associated help.


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