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SUmail uses IMAP technology. That means when you use a third-party e-mail package to read your mail (i.e. Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Apple mail, etc.), the mail and folders that appear in your third-party client are replicas of the mail and folders that are in your SUmail account. Deleting e-mail or folders in either SUmail or in your third-party client will permanently remove the e-mail/folders from both SUmail and your third-party e-mail system. In order to save e-mail indefinitely, you must create personal or local folders in your e-mail client and move the e-mail into those folders.

Regardless of which third-party e-mail package you use, you must determine the server settings that your third-party e-mail package can use to access the SUmail server:

IMAP and SMTP server values


Be sure to turn SSL on when configuring your email client

  1. Log into your SUmail account using the web interface at:
  2. Select "Options" in the top right of the main mail screen and then "See All Options..."
  3. If you are not already on the "Account" page, select it.
  4. Select "Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access..." A screen like this one will appear –


    the values for your account may differ. Make note of the values for SMTP and IMAP for your specific account.

EXAMPLE of possible settings:

Special directions for setting up SUmail with the following email packages: