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NEW Discounted Pricing  (June 2018)

In order to make it easier for everyone to comply with Syracuse University's new ICT Accessibility policy, ITS has negotiated discounted pricing  with  Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) for providing captioning and transcription services.

Syracuse University and AST have worked together for over 12 years to offer high-quality, low-cost captioning services through integration with Ensemble Video.  With CaptionSync, AST services can now be incorporated into the workflow for captioning a wide variety of video formats for other platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Blackboard.  See the CaptionSync Services List for additional services.

See Captioning With AST/CaptionSync  (*requires login) for more information and pricing if:

• You have a video or audio file that needs captions.
• You have a video on your YouTube or Vimeo channel that needs captions.
• You have a video in Ensemble that needs captions.
• You have a video that will require audio description.
• You would like to have a YouTube or Vimeo video that you do NOT own captioned.
• You need live captioning for an event.

About Captioning

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About Audio Description

  • Audio description (sometimes referred to as Described Video) is provided by a trained describer that provides descriptions of the visual components of the video. Audio description makes video accessible to blind/visually-impaired persons who would otherwise miss out on information presented visually. This information is synchronized with the video, but provided in a separate sound track.
  • For a full description and example of audio description, see the Penn State whitepaper titled An Introduction to Audio Description in Higher Education Video Content

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