Card Use Appropriateness

Cardholders may only use the Credit Card for University business transactions. Personal transactions are not permitted. The Credit Card may be used for  goods, services and travel/event-related purchases based on the type of card requested.

As outlined in the policy, cardholders should avoid putting personal charges on your procurement card. These cards are not for your personal use and abuse of a university procurement card can result termination of card privileges and/or other disciplinary action.

In the event that you charge a personal item to your pro-card accidentally, you are responsible for reimbursing the University immediately. Once you have identified a personal expense notify the BudgetOffice at as soon as possible. The Budeget Office will direct you as to next steps which may include:

  1. Issue a personal check made out to Syracuse University as reimbursement to the University.
  2. Drop off the check to staff in the College of Law Budget office and reference details of the transaction (date, amount, and justification such as charged in error)
  3. The Budget Office will process a deposit slip to give back to the cardholder.
  4. Cardholder should upload the deposit slips as a receipt to include with your reconciliation pdf documents.
  5. The credit card statement should not get submitted until this is uploaded as an attachment. 
  6. The chartstring on the deposit must line up with the chartstring submitted on the expense line. 

If you submit a credit card reconciliation and Disbursements reaches out as the expense is unallowable, please follow steps 1-3 as outlined above. The Disbursements auditor will then provide next steps, such as forwarding the deposit slip to them and they will upload as an attachment. 

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