Adobe now requires that all products be licensed to actual, individual user accounts.  As such, shared generic accounts cannot themselves be used to activate Acrobat.  A workaround is necessary to prompt the software to request the student's own login credentials.  Details are below.


  1. Sign into computer with assigned generic account
  2. Launch 'Adobe Creative Cloud' application


    It is vital to launch the Creative Cloud application first, before launching Acrobat directly through the start menu or by opening a PDF file. Launching any other Adobe applications first will result in an 'Access Denied' error message when following these directions. If this occurs, log out and then back in to the computer to restart the activation process.

  3. When prompted to sign in, enter generic account info in format "[ACCT01]"
    Adobe Creative Cloud sign in window

  4. A Microsoft prompt for 'More information required' is displayed, choose 'Use a different account'
    Microsoft 'More information required' prompt

  5. At the pick an account screen, choose “Use other account” option and log in with the user's NetID information (username is and password is NetID password)
    Microsoft 'Pick an account' promptMicrosoft 'Sign in' prompt

  6. User will be prompted to verify their account using Multi Factor Authentication

  7. A Microsoft prompt to 'Stay signed in?' will be displayed, the user may opt for either choice