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Zoom has the ability to provide automated captions, which many users find helpful.  The feature must be activated by the meeting host for each meeting session.

Please note:  These captions aid in accessibility, but they are only considered sufficient for accessibility purposes in meetings which have fewer than 100 participants, and in which no one has specifically requested CART/captioning accommodations.  Meetings of more than 100 participants, and/or meetings for which specific accommodations have been requested, are required per university policy to be captioned by a live caption provider.

Activating automated captions

  • First time setup
    • Log in to your profile page by visiting and logging in to
    • Click the Settings tab in the left-hand menu
    • Scroll down to the close captioning section
      • Click the switch to enable captions
      • Tick the box to enable live transcription service
      • Click Save
  • Each meeting
    • In meeting interface, click the CC button and choose Enable Auto Transcription

Displaying or hiding captions

  • Once auto-transcription has been activated by the host, all users (including the host themselves) may choose to view or hide the transcription.  This change does not affect other users.
  • The host may hide the transcription by selecting the menu carat next to the CC button, and selecting Hide Subtitle.  
    • If the subtitle is already hidden, this menu will provide the ability to Show Subtitle.
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