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Please note that this system is restricted to ABLT users only.

Users will connect first to the university's virtual private network (VPN), and then to the virtual cluster.

Connect to VPN

The university supplies VPN solutions for Mac and PC computers, using the instructions at the links below.  

Please use your ABLT account credentials when connecting to the VPN.

Click here to access VPN instructions for Mac computers

Click here to access VPN instructions for Windows computers

Connect to Virtual Computer Cluster

  • Launch a remote desktop client 
    • such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, available for free download in the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store for Windows
  • When prompted to connect to computer, enter "" without quotes
  • Enter credentials using the format "ad\[ABLTusername]" without quotes and your usual ABLT account password
    • Example username:  ad\ABLT99
  • Connect to the machine
  • If warned about remote certificates, click to accept or allow connection


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