Departments work directly with approved vendor to receive an estimate Job quote processed for the rental by Century.

For staff that have not received training on ePro Special Requests, a requisition should be submitted to who will submit the epro/Special Request as outlined in Requisitions (PR).  

  • The requisition electronic template should be completed by your department.
    1. Instead of a requisition number, enter PO TBD or ePro.

    2. Date of Submission

    3. Chartstring – if sponsored funds should also include the project tail 

    4. Name of Employee Submitting the request and their extension

    5. Budget Office Approval

    6. Name of Person being reimbursed or Vendor

    7. Department Name and email

    8. Total amount due

    9. Detailed Business purpose

  • Attached the estimate/quote along with an event details or special approvals as one PDF.

    • The suggested naming convention for the pdf file should be specific to the event/request such as "PO TBD Century Rental Commencement Job 1234 $100.PDF"
  • Email the completed PDF to for review and approval.
  • Once approved, Budget will submit the ePro special request.
  • The request will specify that your department is to be notified/emailed as well as the vendor once the PO is issued.
  • The vendor will then proceed with the work to be done.
  • After the event takes place, the vendor will submit a final invoice.
    • If the invoice is sent to you directly, please forward to the budget office with the PO number for processing. 

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