The information below is specific to the College of Law.  General information for Blackboard usage at the University may be found at this link.


It is sometimes necessary to restrict content to an individual or group of students, while not permitting access to all students in a class.  This can be done through Blackboard's Adaptive Release feature.

Adding an Adaptive Release content folder

  • Navigate to the the content area where you would like the restricted folder to appear
  • Select Build Content > Content Folder
  • Provide a name for the folder, ensure that Permit Users to View this Content is set to Yes, then click Submit
  • Click the gray menu arrow next to the folder's name and select Adaptive Release
  • In the Membership section, click the Browse button next to the Username box
  • Check the box next to the names of each student who should be permitted to view the content and click Submit
  • Click Submit again to commit the Adaptive Release settings changes
  • Content added to this folder will now only be visible to the selected students
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