Each business purpose must include:

  1. Who incurred the expense or who benefitted; specific names of individuals/groups are required
  2. What the expense entailed (e.g., item purchased or activity conducted)
  3. Why this is a University expense (i.e., specific reason, purpose)
  4. Where the event or activity took place (if not apparent in transaction detail or receipts)
  5. When the event or activity occurred (if not apparent in transaction detail or receipts)

 For example:

  • Flowers to be sent in sympathy to the family of long time adjunct Jane Law who passed on 1/1/24.
  • Taxi for Prof. Law from airport to hotel while in California to attend the AALS Conference from 1/3-1/9/23.
  • BLSA student { include full name of specific student} conference registration fee to attend NEBLSA Conference in {city, state} on mm/dd/yy.
  • SBA supplies from Campus Store to be use for tailgate event on mm/dd/yy at Dineen Hall. Event open to all students, staff and faculty.
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