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May 27, 2022

COVIS-19 Update from Vice Chancellor Haynie: Effective Wednesday, June 1, Masking Level Returns to Yellow

May 17, 2022

COVID-19 Update from Vice Chancellor Haynie:  Public Health Protocols for Summer 2022

April 18, 2022

April 1, 2022

COVID-19 Update from Vice Chancellor Haynie: Reviewing CDC Mask Guidance

March 18, 2022

Message from Vice Chancellor Haynie: COVID-19 Update: Return from Spring Break Reminders

March 13, 2022

MASKING REMINDER FROM VICE CHANCELLOR HAYNIE: Effective Monday, March 14, Masking at Level Yellow

March 8, 2022

COVID-19 UPDATE FROM VICE CHANCELLOR HAYNIE:  Continued Assessment of Masking Guidance

March 1, 2022

MESSAGE FROM VICE CHANCELLOR HAYNIE: Changes to Masking Requirements at the Stadium

February 22, 2022

MESSAGE FROM DIRECTOR OF STUDENT AFFAIRS SARAH COLLINS: Clarifying Masking Requirement: Blue Level in Effect

February 18, 2022

Current Mask Status: YELLOW


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College of Law COVID-19 Planning & Operations Group

Dean Craig M. Boise has convened the COVID-19 Planning & Operations Group to effectively coordinate the College's response to coronavirus developments. 

  • Dean Craig M. Boise 

  • Vice Dean Keith Bybee

  • Sarah Collins, Director of Student Affairs

  • Robert Conrad, Director of Communications & Media Relations 

  • Sophie Dagenais, Assistant Dean for Advancement and External Affairs

  • Heidi Hart-Gorman, Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration

  • Andrew Horsfall, Assistant Dean of International Programs

  • Zack Kelley, Assistant Dean of Student Resources and Internal Research

  • Shannon Gardner, Associate Dean of Online Education

  • Denée Page, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management

  • Joel Whitney, Director of Information Technology

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