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Technology has become an important part of nearly every profession and the legal profession is no exception. The information in this guide will provide you with a basic understanding of technology and services available at Syracuse University and the College of Law, which you will use daily.

Computing Requirements

Detailed computing information including computer requirements can be found on our Computing Requirements page.


Realtime collaboration for students attending classes, meetings, and events remotely is handled via Zoom.  Information on logging in to your SU-supplied Zoom account can be found at


Blackboard is a course management system used by many faculty members to enhance teaching and learning.  In most cases, the links for attending live class sessions remotely can be found here.  You can browse to the University’s Blackboard website at for additional Blackboard information - it has many useful links to tutorials and guides for Blackboard use.  Use your NetID and password to login to the Blackboard website.

Email for new Students

Once you have activated your NetID, you will have an ‘’ university email account.  Your email account is normally formatted as ‘’.  For example, if your NetID is ‘jbsmith’ then your email is ‘’.

For more information about your SU email account, navigate to and follow the various links to login to SUmail, access through other email programs, and accessing email on smartphones or tablets.

Wireless Internet Access - AirOrangeX

Wireless Internet Access - AirOrangeX  - Before you can use the Internet, email, or online resources on campus, you will need to configure your laptop to access SU’s wireless network, AirOrangeX.  AirOrangeX is available throughout the College of Law and it is available in many other areas of campus, including on-campus residences.

The instructions for connecting your laptop, phone, or tablet will vary depending on whether it is a Mac or a PC. Click on the links below to access the instructions for Windows 10 and OS X Sierra.

Connecting your Windows 10 laptop to AirOrangeX

Connecting your Mac to AirOrangeX

Public Printing

The College of Law offers public printing from printers in the Law Library. The printers are located on the first and second floors of the library and are available to law students when the library is open.

After sending content to the library printers, you will be required to perform the additional step of releasing the print job.  Information on doing so can be found at the link below.

Law Library Print Job Release

To install the printers on your laptop, please follow the instructions below, depending on your computer.

Printing - Windows - College of Law

Printing - Mac - College of Law


Examplify by ExamSoft is an exam delivery tool that provides a secure environment for administering examinations. You will receive additional information from the Office of Student Systems and Administration regarding Examplify during the first weeks of the semester and during exam periods.  Examplify has minimum laptop requirements you can find at the ExamSoft Syracuse Login page. Sign in using your SU netid and password.


Turnitin is a proprietary system that identifies unoriginal material and acts as a deterrent to plagiarism.  In addition to scanning millions of documents from the publicly accessible internet, books and journals, Turnitin also scans articles and papers that have been submitted to their service. ITSS will work with both faculty and students to facilitate use of TurnItIn throughout the year.

Microsoft Office

Students have full access to the Microsoft Office suite of products.  Information for accessing this software can be found at central IT's Office 365 page.

Getting Help with your Laptop

There is documentation on campus-wide IT help available for you at:  

Documentation specific to the College of Law can be found on Answers at:

If you need additional help, stop by room 215 in Dineen Hall. IT Staff are available between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm during the academic year to help with wireless connections, software installation, and other technology issues.  During certain times, it may be necessary to make an appointment.

You can also contact us by phone or email:

Phone: 315-443-9561