Note: This information is intended for College of Law students


The College of Law Office of Information Technology provides computer and technical support for College of Law students, faculty, and staff. The information and guidelines below will ensure that you and your devices can make the most of your College of Law experience.

Laptop Computer Requirement

The College of Law requires students to have a laptop computer in good working order. You will use your laptop heavily throughout your law school career. ExamSoft’s Examplify software is required for many exams at the College of Law, webconferencing tools are used extensively for meetings and events, and many assets essential to your schooling are accessed digitally.  Students in the online-based JDinteractive program may use desktop computers, following the same requirements below.

Laptop Configuration

All laptops used by College of Law students must be compliant with the current minimum system requirements of Examplify, our exam-taking software.  Note that there is a version of Examplify available for Apple iPads, but the College of Law does not permit the use of iPads in exams.  Please review the information at the following link to ensure compatibility of your laptop device:

If the device is not equipped with an internal webcam and microphone, an external webcam and mic is required.

While iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks, Linux-based laptops, and similar devices may be useful tools for some tasks in law school, they are not compatible with our required testing software and thus do not fulfill the laptop requirement. Alternate versions of laptop operating systems, such as server editions or special editions like Windows RT or Windows 10-S are also not supported.

You must have full administrator access to your device to permit software installs and necessary configuration changes. If your device was issued to you by your place of business or another institution, please check with the issuing IT personnel to ensure that you have this capability.

Network Bandwidth

An internet connection with a minimum speed of 10 Mbps is required for accessing web-based meetings and recorded content, including class sessions and asynchronous materials for JDinteractive students.


Exam software is provided by the College of Law. Additionally, the Microsoft Office suite is available free of charge to all College of Law students. Other software and access to databases and systems will be provided as necessary.


You will be assigned a Syracuse University email address upon admission. Your university-provided account will be used for all email communications from the College of Law. Access is available via browser or with common laptop and mobile device apps. 

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