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Instructions on connecting via Macintosh remotely to AD resources (SURA for Mac)


User needs to remotely connect to their H drive to access shared student files. 


Setup the VPN for Mac

1. Download and install the Mac VPN client using the instructions from the  Configure VPN on macOS page (login with your NetID and password).

Mapping your Network Drive

Use the procedure below to connect remotely to your network Home Directory.

  1. You can check your directory path mapping via a web interface. To do this, open a web browser and navigate to

  2. Enter your *netid* in the Username: field and your netid password in the Password: field.

    SURA Login Screen

  3. Your Home Directory path will be displayed. Make a note of the path information for the Mac platform.

    SURA H and G drive mappings

  4. Back on your own machine, open Finder and select the "Go" menu, then choose *"Connect to Server...".

    Mac Finder's Connect to Server window

  5. In the "Server Address:" field, enter the following:
    Replace each instance of <NetID> (replacing brackets, too) with your NetID and replacing <Server> with the name of the server you are on. Click the Connect button.

    Connect to Server with Server address

    Server name

    The name of your server can be found in the first part of the path.
    For example, if the path is "", the server name would be "stu01".

  6. Enter your password when prompted.

  7. You should now be connected to your H drive.

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