Please follow the steps below to gather the information needed to obtain an approved contract, in order to expedite payment to the vendors. 

  1. Prior to the event (minimum of 30 days) the department will work with the vendor to obtain an Event Contract outlining the event details. 
  2. The department will complete the Intake Form v. 1.1 outlining the details of the event/service.
    1. Please make sure to include the chartstring being used for the expense in the blank cell on the bottom right side of the form.
    2.  If special funds are being used (such a gifts/endowments, student funds, etc.), please reach out to to verify funding availability before official submission. 
  3. Once budget approves the funding source, the department will send the final Event Contract  along with the final estimate in an email to the Comptroller's Office at with a copy to with the following message:

Dear Comptroller's Office,

Please see the attached intake form and contract for [insert VENDOR NAME] for review and signature.  The College of Law [insert DEPT or GROUP NAME] will be hosting [insert EVENT NAME] on mm/dd/yy from  [insert TIME]    The estimated expense of $$$ will be paid by the College of Law [fund-dept-program-account-mycode if applicable] . Please let me know if you require additional information to approve.


         4. The Comptroller will send back the approved contract for your records, which indicates the the vendor can proceed with the service and any associated payments can be made.  

         5. Once you receive the final invoice, the approved agreement should be included with the final expense paperwork and final invoice for payment.

There may be an instance where a contract has to be approved online. The same steps should be followed as above, however the link to the website/contract should be provided in the email message rather than an attached agreement (along with the intake form and event details)..

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