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The College of Law converts digital signage announcements and poster items to a text-only website that is accessible to those using screen reading software.

The accessible, text-only site must be kept up-to-date with any additions to the digital signage.

As items are added to the digital signage, they will also be forwarded to the Workstudy listserv.  

At the start of each shift, please refer to the latest Workstudy listserv message and visit the accessible site to confirm that the newest items have been added.  If not, it will be your responsibility to add them, using the instructions below

Step-by-step guide

  1. Verify that site is up to date
    1. Open the latest email from the Workstudy listserv and note the content of the attachment.
    2. Visit and confirm that the attached content is also reflected on the site
    3. If not, also refer to previous listserv messages and collect all items that have not yet been posted to the site
  2. Log in to admin section of site
    1. Visit
    2. Log in with your NetID and password
  3. Add item information
    1. Hover mouse over "Posts," on left, and select "Add New"
    2. Enter title using the name of event or other relevant info from the announcement item
    3. In main body of post, enter ALL text from the announcement item, including text embedded in any graphics
    4. Include simple description of graphics
  4. Set expiration date
    1. On right side of new post window, set the expiration date for the item using the "Post Expirator" tool
    2. Change day to the day after the scheduled event.  If the announcement includes more than one date, set expiration for the day after the last date on the item.  Ignore the Hour and Minute times unless specifically instructed otherwise.
      1. Example:  Event occurs at 2:00pm on April 13th.  Set Month to "April" and Day to "14"
      2. Example:  Event occurs at noon on September 30th.  Set Month to "October" and Day to "1"
    3. For posters with no obvious event date or expiration date, ask Joel for information
  5. Click Publish
  6. Repeat for any other items which need to be posted