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The information below details a simple checklist for teaching, streaming, and recording classes in Dineen Hall. 

Additional information, including tutorial videos, can be found at  

Issues with classroom technology, or questions about preparing to teach?  Please email 

  • Start of class
    • Turn on teaching station
    • On PC
      • Log in to room's PC
      • Prepare presentation materials to be displayed (if any)
      • Launch browser
      • Navigate to Blackboard site for course
      • Click Zoom meeting link for course and confirm launch of Zoom app
    • Zoom
      • Sign in to Zoom if necessary
      • Admit classroom assistant to Zoom session
      • Make classroom assistant co-host of Zoom session
      • Activate camera and microphone
      • Select and adjust camera as needed
      • Turn on and test lapel microphone (in lecture halls and the Gray Ceremonial Courtroom only)
        • Fit microphone cover to mic, if desired
        • Ensure lapel microphone is not muted (mute switch on top of transmitter pack)
      • Should be amplified within room
        • Adjust teaching station microphone level as needed
      • Level meter in Zoom's microphone icon should illustrate incoming sound
      • Share screen (if using presentation materials)
      • Activate recording
      • Proceed with teaching
  • End of class
    • Remove microphone cover if used, turn off lapel microphone, and place in drawer (lecture halls only)
    • End Zoom meeting
    • Log off of PC
    • Turn off teaching station (if no other class is immediately incoming)
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