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Digital signage configuration and content is managed at the College of Law with the Four Winds Interactive signage product.  The live content types – including the text crawl, events listing, and headlines – can be edited directly, without making changes to the content management system.  Posters uploads require interacting with the content management system in order to set them to appear and disappear as desired.

Library Headlines

The Library Headlines region consists of a .csv file which can be edited in Excel.   This file has two columns, End Date and Headline.  The End Date allows headlines to expire without needing to edit the file to take down a headline.   The signage system references this file once every minute, to allow for quick updates.

The file can be accessed and edited at G:\Law-Filer\ALL\MultimediaLibrary\Digital Signage\03 - Library\Library Headlines.csv

Photo Regions

The photo regions accept images at the precise dimensions below.  Images added to the listed folders will appear automatically on the digital signage.

    • Width x Height in pixels
    • Left Photo  (item location: all\MultimediaLibrary\Digital Signage\03 - Library\PhotosL)
      • 307x444
    • Right Photo  (item location: all\MultimediaLibrary\Digital Signage\03 - Library\PhotosR)
      • 374x444

Poster Region

The poster region consists of a single PowerPoint file, sized to fit within the region.  Changes saved to the file will automatically appear on the digital signage.

    • Dimensions  - 629x814px
    • Location: all\MultimediaLibrary\Digital Signage\03 - Library\Library Posters 01.pptx

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