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Downloading Examplify

1. Navigate to the College of Law ExamSoft homepage:


Browser Alert

EXAMPLIFY CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED USING SAFARI. Make sure to use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.


2. Log in as an Exam Taker. You will be taken to a page with a Syracuse University login box. Use your netID and associated password to log in.

login box from examsoft web page      SU login page


3. Click Download under Install & Register Examplify to download the installer onto your computer

Examplify download screen

4.  Locate the downloaded file in your Downloads folder and double click to install, following instructions in installer window

5.  Locate the Examplify icon on your desktop and launch Examplify (you must be connected to the internet to register Examplify)

                                       Examplify icon

6.  When Examplify opens, scroll through the Software License Agreement and then click I Agree (you will not be able to click this until scrolling all the way through the agreement)

            software license agreement                                                     box used to enter the institution ID            

7.  To add a new account, enter “syracuselaw” in the Institution ID field. 

Then click Next.


8. Enter your User ID (your netID) and Password (same as in step 2) and click Sign In    

                                                             SU login box
             You are now ready to take your exams on this laptop.


**You may periodically receive emails from the College of Law ExamSoft administrators regarding updates and patches for the Examplify software. The software is updated frequently by ExamSoft to ensure that it is compatible with the latest patches to the Windows operating system software and other computing environment changes.

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