The College of Law requires students to take many exams on their laptops using Examplify, exam software provided by ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.  Examplify provides a secure testing environment which locks out all other applications and access to the internet. The software is used by more than 100 law schools, and by the administrators of bar exams in more than 40 states.

Instructors can create essay, true/false, multiple choice, and fill in the blank questions using ExamSoft’s software. Examplify provides a simplified word processor similar to Microsoft Word for answering essay questions including cut, copy, and paste, spell checker, font size & style adjustment, as well as the ability to undo the user’s last action.

All students are required to have Examplify to complete exams on their laptops.

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System Requirements 

Please refer to ExamSoft's page for current system requirements:


Downloading Examplify 

  • Navigate to the College of Law's ExamSoft homepage: https://examsoft.com/syracuselaw 
  • Click the Login button under the Exam Takers section
  • Enter your SU credentials
  • Choose the Examplify tab at the top of the screen
  • Select Download under the Install & Register Examplify box
  • Important: If this is your first time logging in to the ExamSoft portal, first set up your notifications in the third box.  These notifications include confirmation of your exam upload after each exam.

Installing and Registering Examplify

  • Locate your downloaded file and open to begin the install, following the instructions in the prompts
  • After installation is complete, click the icon in your Start menu (Windows) or Launcher (MacOS)
  • Review the Software License Agreement, then select I Agree
  • In the Add New Account window, enter "syracuselaw" without quotes in the Institution ID field and select Next
  • Your web browser will launch and you will be prompted to log in with your SU credentials
    • Note that if you've recently logged in to examsoft.com using the same browser, you may not be prompted again for credentials

Downloading Exams 

Exam files are typically available one to two days prior to your scheduled exam time.  You will be notified via email when your exam file is ready for download.  Please download your exam before exam day

  • Open the Examplify app and sign in if prompted
  • Available exams appear in the left-hand column under Ready For Download
  • Select the download arrow beside the exam listing, then select the Download Exam button:

  • Do not attempt to enter the exam number or password for any exam until exam time, except for the Mock Exam (more information below)

Mandatory: Taking the Mock Exam

A mock exam is always available to download in Examplify. It is good practice to take the mock exam at the beginning of each exam period to make sure your software is working correctly. It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with the features and interface of the exam software.

For the Mock Exam, any 7-digit number may be used in place of the Exam Number.  The Mock Exam's password is "abc123" without quotes.

Taking an Exam 

  • Select your exam in the left-hand column
  • Enter your exam number
    • You will receive your exam number in the examination room (JDr exams only) or via email from the Office of Online Education (JDi exams only)
    • This number is different for each of your exams and is specific to you
    • If the exam number field is already populated with a previous number, be sure to change this to the number given to you for this specific exam
    • Do not use your SUID number in the exam number field
  • Enter the exam password
    • JDr exam takers will be provided the password in the exam room
    • JDi exam takers will find the password in the Proctortrack menu bar once the proctoring session is underway
    • The Mock Exam password is "abc123" without quotes
    • All regular exam passwords consist of two uppercase letters followed by eight numbers
  • Select the Start Exam button
  • Review the exam notices, clicking Next to proceed
    • Important: Review the exam notices carefully.  There are several standard notices for each exam, as well as specific instructions for your exam from your instructor.
  • If your exam has attachments, an additional screen will appear with instructions

  • An orange screen with stop sign will appear

    • JDr students must pause here to wait for additional instructions
    • JDi students are authorized to proceed when ready
  • Once authorized to begin, click Continue
  • Tick the box to acknowledge that you are authorized, then click Start Exam

Navigating Your Exam 

When the exam opens, there will be two main menus: vertical questions navigation tab on the left hand side of the screen and a screen for exam controls along the right hand side. You may answer the exam questions in any order that you would like. Below are guides for different question types. It is best to practice and familiarize yourself with the exam interface by downloading and taking the Mock Exam. This may be downloaded and taken as many times as you want.

Navigating Questions:

When navigating between questions on your exam, you have three ways to move between questions.

First, by selecting the ‘Next’ button, to proceed to the next question, or selecting “previous”, to return to the previous question. The question number will be provided as well.

Secondly, you can toggle (switch) to the next/previous question by selecting the down arrow in the bottom left hand corner or the up arrow in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Lastly, once you have gone through each question, you can easily just select the question number you would like to navigate to within the navigation pane on the left hand side.

Flagging your Questions:

​You can also mark questions to remind you to revisit them later. At the top where the Question number is listed, to the right you will see “flag question”. Click on this button to highlight and mark the question within the navigation pane.

                                                    (no flag)                                                                                                                          (flag enabled)


Answering Multiple Choice Questions:

To answer a multiple choice question, click the letter to the left of the desired answer. The entire question will turn blue indicating that it has been selected. Some multiple choice questions will have multiple answers. In this case, click the letter next to all answers you would like to select before proceeding.

One of the useful features of Examplify is that you can cross out answer choices. Select the eye icon to the right of the answers. Clicking the icon will “cross-out” that particular choice. To undo this, click on eye icon again.

Answering Essay Questions:

For essay questions, use the box below the essay question to type your answer as you would in any word processing program such as MS Word. You will have the ability to cut, copy, and paste, as well as access to certain formatting tools, by using the shortcuts in the yellow box in the picture below.

Character/Word Count:

Examplify also provides a character count for essay questions just above the answer area. Some instructors will set a character limit to essay responses. If there is a limit, you will not be able to exceed the indicated number of characters per question. You will be able to edit whatever content you have within that limit. The character count is highlighted in the red boxes in the images below. Clicking the piece of paper next to Essay Answer will expand a more detailed word/character breakdown. It is important to remember that character counts are for each individual question. Examsoft will not calculate the total character count for the entire exam.

Minimizing Question Area to Enhance Answer Blank Area

You may encounter a lengthy question which requires you to minimize the question area in order to maximize your answer area.  If so, tick the menu carat immediately beside the question number to minimize. 

Click again to expand the question.

Highlighting Question Text

You may highlight parts of the question text using the highlighter icon next to the question number, and may erase the highlight using the eraser icon.  You may change highlight color by clicking the menu carat next to the highlighter.  Click and drag your cursor over text you wish to highlight.

Viewing and Navigating an Exam Attachment

During an exam, there may be a document attached to a question or at the exam level that is meant for you to use as a resource during the exam. Follow the steps below for navigating an attachment.

  • As stated in step 4 of this guide (page 8), if your exam has an attachment, Examplify will notify you after the Exam Notices, and prior to arriving at the Stop Sign at the start of the exam. It is important to carefully read all message and notifications during an exam.
  • To access the attachment inside the exam, navigate to the “Exam Controls” area in the right hand corner of the screen:
  • Click on the arrow and a menu will drop down. Select “Exam Attachments”:
  • Once the document opens, you can adjust the size of the document by dragging the lower right corner of the document window. From there, you will have the option to increase the size of the document. We recommend testing out the various tools available for attachments.

  • You can highlight text on the attachment by clicking “Highlight” at the top of the document screen, and selecting a color. Highlights will remain intact after closing the attachment, so you will be able to view your highlights through the entire exam. It is recommended that if you plan to utilize this feature, you should take the Mock Exam to practice:

Viewing Exam Notices:

If you accidentally clicked the next button before cycling through exam notices, you can review them within the exam by clicking the exam controls button and selecting “Exam Notices” in the left hand corner of the screen.

Viewing Exam and Question Attachments:

If the exam or question has attachments that are included in the exam, you will either select Exam Controls or Tool Kit to utilize the attachments. For attachments specific to the entire exam or more than one question, the attachment will appear under Exam Controls. For attachments specifically attached to an individual question, the attachment will appear under Tool Kit.

To access an exam attachment, select Exam Controls, and then Exam Attachments. The attachment will appear. You may use the magnifying glasses to zoom in or out of the attachment.

To access a question attachment, select Tool Kit, and then Question Attachment. You can make the attachment larger or smaller by using the magnifying glasses.  To close the question attachment, select Close Toolkit.

Closing and Submitting Your Exam:

When you have finished your exam, click on the Exam Controls button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select “Submit Exam” from the drop down. Hide Exam covers your exam answers (you can use this during a bathroom break so you won’t need to shut your screen). To finish and submit your exam, click the Submit Exam button. You can also select the blue Finish button at the bottom of the screen to submit your exam.


All students must stop working and click Submit Exam when the exam time is up.

Students who continue working beyond the exam end time will be penalized

(this includes proofing/spell check/reviewing answers).

Examplify tracks each student’s exam times and false starts/late finishes will be noted within each exam file.

Once you click Submit Exam, a confirmation screen will pop up, reminding you that you cannot re-open your exam once it is closed. Click the check box that says “I confirm that I have completed my exam” and then click the green Submit Exam button.

Your exam will close and reconnect to the internet to upload the exam file. You can note the upload progress as it uploads. Once complete you will get a green screen that says “Upload Complete”

You will NOT receive text or email notification from Examplify after you receive a green screen UNLESS you registered your phone number or email at the time of registration. The notification is not instantaneous, and sometimes take several minutes to appear.

You have successfully completed your exam.

Important Things to Know 

  • The Tool Kit menu includes a timer function which you can set for yourself, to whatever length is useful to you.  Multiple timers can be set if desired.
  • You will need to download and register Examplify at the start of each academic year.
  • You should take a mock exam each semester to be sure that your laptop is in good working condition and works correctly with Examplify.
  • The exam files you download are encrypted and password protected.
  • Any attempt to disable or tamper with Examplify’s security features will be considered a violation of the Honor Code.
  • It is your responsibility to become familiar with the Examplify software and instructions provided by the COL and on the ExamSoft website prior to the start of your exam.
  • Exams will not be delayed, nor will extra time be given due to a problem with your laptop.
  • After each exam, you must be connected to the Internet to upload your exams to ExamSoft.
  • If you have any problems re-connecting to the internet or uploading the exam after the exam, please contact IT for assistance.
  • ITSS staff members are available for assistance prior to the beginning of exam periods. Issues such as viruses, spyware, and performance problems should be addressed well before the day of your exam. It is unrealistic to expect longstanding laptop problems to be resolved on the day of your exam.
  • Do not uninstall Examplify until you receive your exam scores at the end of the academic period.



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