Joint J.D. and master's or doctorate degrees are a great opportunity for students to earn another graduate degree while earning a law degree. In most cases, a joint degree can be earned in three years. Joint programs are offered through Syracuse University's world-renowned schools and colleges, such as the Maxwell School, Whitman School, and Newhouse School.

Other Important Information for Applicants

  • Students are encouraged to meet with the prospective Graduate department in the Fall of 1L year to discuss application procedures and deadlines.
  • ​Interested students can either apply at the same time as they apply to the College of Law, or during the first year of law school.
  • Joint degree students must begin at the College of Law, and they will consider the College of Law their home school.
  • Applicants who are interested in pursuing a joint degree program must apply and be admitted to both the College of Law and the Syracuse University graduate school or college where the master's or doctorate degree is offered. Students admitted to the College of Law are not guaranteed acceptance into other graduate programs.
  • Joint degree students are required to complete their first year of study in the College of Law. Most students apply for admission to joint degree programs during their 1L year.
  • Candidates for joint degree programs must obtain approval from the College of Law before joint degree coursework may begin. Minimum law GPA requirements apply to joint degree program participation for law students. More information may be found in the College of Law Academic Handbook. Please note: eligibility to pursue joint degree program is determined after all 1L grades are posted in June/July following 1L year.
  • Additional tuition charges may apply to joint degree students if you exceed 19 credit hours during the academic year or if you take summer classes.
  • Application information and supporting documentation submitted to the College of Law will not be shared with other schools, colleges, or departments. In addition, joint degree candidates should be aware that consistent with Law School Admission Council policy, LSAT scores may be used for purposes of admission to law school only. LSAT scores will not be reported to other graduate departments.
  • Students interested in applying to a joint degree program before law school may be required to take a specific entrance exam, such as the GRE or GMAT. The best way to find out if the program you're interested in requires an entrance exam is to ask the master's or doctorate degree program's admissions officer.
  • For specific questions regarding master's or doctorate degree admissions requirements or the curriculum for any of the programs that offer a joint degree with the College of Law, contact the program's admissions officer.
  • Candidates may view the Graduate Course Catalog online Graduate Course Catalog online and the Graduate School admissions webpage Graduate School admissions webpage

Joint Degree Application for Conditional Graduate Admission [PDF]

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