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This information is specific to the College of Law

The steps below will be used for every proctored exam taken outside of Dineen Hall

The steps are the same for the Onboarding exam, and for your actual exams. 

You will start each exam session by logging in to the Proctortrack site using the URL below.

Step-by-Step Guide

Click each heading to expand and view detailed steps.

Log in to Proctortrack and select exam

  • Launch Chrome or Firefox
  • Navigate to

  • Click Log In in upper right corner of screen, enter

    • Username = your NetID (portion of email address before @ symbol)

    • Password = first 9 digits of your SUID number

  • On the home page, select the exam that you are taking

  • Click Begin Proctortrack App Launch

  • Click Go to My Dashboard

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Click Log In and enter NetID and first 9 digits of SUID:

Log in with NetID (username) and SUID (password) 

Select exam that you are taking:

Select the exam you are taking.

Click Begin Proctortrack App Launch:

Click Begin Proctortrack App Launch

Click Go to My Dashboard:

Click Go to My Dashboard

Review exam guidelines and launch app

  • Click Go to Test

  • Review exam guidelines. Note that these may be different for each exam you are taking.

  • Tick the box to acknowledge that you have read the guidelines.

  • Click Go to Next Step

  • Follow instructions to launch Proctortrack app

    • Note that these on-screen instructions will be different depending on operating system and browser
    • Note that you may be prompted to download the app again, even if you have it currently installed.  Please do so.

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Click Go to Test:

Click Go to Test

Tick box and click Go to Next Step:

Begin proctoring session in Proctortrack app 

  • Follow prompts in the Proctortrack app to check system settings, scan face, ID, and room, review guidelines if desired

  • Click "I agree, let's begin" button to begin proctoring session

  • Exam password will appear in Proctortrack toolbar at top of your screen

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Tick box to acknowledge, then click "I agree, let's begin":

Exam password displayed in toolbar:

Exam password displayed in toolbar

Launch Examplify 

  • Start the Examplify app

  • Select your exam from the left-hand list of available exams

    • Download the exam now if necessary

  • Enter your exam number an password

    • Exam number is provided to you via email

    • Exam password is provided in Proctortrack toolbar at top of screen (if proctored) or via email (if unproctored)

  • Click Start Exam

  • Review notices and proceed with start

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Select exam from left-hand list and download if necessary:

Select exam from left-hand list and download

Enter exam number and password, click Start Exam:

Enter exam number and password, click start

End exam session in Examplify and proctoring session in Proctortrack 

  • in Examplify

    • Select Exam Controls > Submit Exam

    • Follow prompts to confirm and submit your exam

    • When you have received the green checkmark, your exam file has been successfully uploaded

  • in Proctortrack toolbar

    • Click End

    • Check the box to confirm

    • Click End

    • Allow upload to complete

    • When complete, click Quit App

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Submit exam in Examplify (then follow on-screen prompts):

Submit exam in Examplify

Submit proctoring data in Proctortrack by clicking End in toolbar (then follow on-screen prompts):

Submit proctoring data by clicking End in toolbar

Close extraneous web pages 

  • The launch website may still be open in the background, and may prompt for a password.

  • Please close this page -- no further interaction with it is necessary

Exam session is now complete.  Congratulations!

Difficulty launching and taking exam? 

Most issues are due to attempting steps out of order; please check what you've done against the step-by-step guide, and refer to the common questions and issues if needed.  If issues continue, please contact us at

Common questions and issues   

App is asking for face and ID scan for each exam, even though Onboarding is complete 

This is expected.  The process is the same for each exam, including the Onboarding and each subsequent exam.

App displays "Connecting..." but does not connect 

This occurs when the app is launched without first visiting and logging into website.

Close app and follow instructions above from beginning.

Proctortrack website does not allow login or says that account is not found 

This occurs when visiting an old URL (which may be saved in your browser) or when attempting to log in at instead of correct link.

Begin by clicking the link in the first step of instructions above.

Only the Onboarding exam is displayed in the Review Guidelines and Launch App > Go to Test step 

This occurs when jumping straight to a saved URL instead of clicking the correct link.

Begin by clicking the link in the first step of instructions above.

Proctortrack displays that the proctoring data upload is at 100%, but the Quit App button does not appear 

This can occur when the server does not confirm that the upload is complete.

Please email to ask that we confirm successful data upload before closing app.

If the Quit App button does appear in this step, upload is complete.

Was my exam uploaded successfully? 

Examplify:  If you received a green checkmark image following upload, the process was successful.

Proctortrack:  If you receive the message "Uploading Complete" or you receive confirmation from Law IT (if "100%" issue above occurs), the process was successful.

You do not need to separately confirm that an upload was successful – if for any reason an upload was not successful, the exam administration team will contact you to assist. 

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