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As an early adopter of Zoom on campus, the College of Law has maintained its own account. Following the larger University's acquisition of an enterprise Zoom license, Law accounts will be migrated to the centrally administered license. While functionality is equivalent between the two accounts, there are some changes that will need to be taken into account.


  • When is the migration taking place?
    • The migration has now occurred
  • Can I opt out of migrating my account?
    • No.  All Law accounts will be moved to the centrally administered instance of Zoom.
  • How do I log in to the new account?
    • Web login information can be found at
    • On desktop and mobile device Zoom apps, select "sign in with SSO"
      • If prompted for domain, enter "syracuseuniversity" without quotes
      • If prompted for account address, use "[netid]" (without quotes, no law)
  • What will happen to my Zoom Cloud recordings?
    • Recordings captured in the Law instance of Zoom will be migrated to the new account.
    • These recordings will be subject to the university's recording retention restrictions, including automatic deletion 120 days after they are created.
      •  Deleted recordings may be recovered and downloaded for 30 days following their deletion.  After 30 days, they will be permanently deleted.
    • Migrated recordings will not be automatically copied to Kaltura.
      • After the migration, Zoom Cloud recordings will be copied to Kaltura automatically.
    • If you wish to retain these Zoom Cloud recordings, you will need to manually download the recordings, and move them into Kaltura.
  • What will happen to my scheduled meetings?
    • Meetings created prior to the migration and scheduled for after the migration will need to be recreated
    • The links for these meetings will change
  • What will happen to my Personal Meeting ID?
    • The personal meeting ID will change
    • Note that Personal Meeting IDs within the new Zoom account cannot be customized
  • Why does my name appear twice in the name field on the profile page?
    • On your profile page, your name is displayed as "FirstnameLastname FirstnameLastname"
    • This is a quirk of the account naming process, and only occurs on the profile page itself – it will not be visible to other users.
  • How do I find additional help with this process?
    • Please submit any questions to
    • This document will also be updated as additional frequently asked questions are submitted
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